PC2 Features. Keyboard: 76 note semi-weighted keyboard with mono pressure. Display: 2×20 character LCD w/ rear panel contrast knob. Polyphony: voice. MP MPG MPG MPS10 MPS20 MS-1/A PC PC1SE PC1X PC2 PC2R PC2X PC3 PC PC3A6 PC3A7 PC3A8 PC3K6 PC3K7 PC3K8 PC3LE6 . WARNING: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. Read all of the Safety and Installation.

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page of 27 Go.

Performance Features The Front Panel The buttons and sliders on the front panel are labeled in one of three colors, which correspond roughly to their functions in the three performance modes: Internal Voices Mode Each bank is organized in 16 categories of 8 programs, organized by program category pianos, organs, etc.

It turns the three-band equalization EQ on and off.

Dynamics print in the score followed by a hidden marking that is the same as the ending dynamic, such as. Notice that the Zone 3 button is now unlit, indicating that the zone is off. Page 24 Virtual Studio Technology Instrumenta common plugin format for virtual instru- ments available on both Pc22x and Windows systems. In Programthere are three layers. See page to learn how to change the EQ settings. Contact And Support On the Web: Reset Causes the Arpeggiator to return to its original kurxweil and repeat the latched cycle of notes, transposing each cycle according to the settings for Note Shift and Shift Limit.


You have several options for pasting the copied data. Continuous controllers generate MIDI messages with values from 0 to Object is the collective term we use to refer to any chunk of information that the PC2 stores or processes.

You can also copy effects parameters, and paste them into other setups or programs. SW2 deletes the character at the location of the cursor, and moves everything after the cursor one space to the left. Audio Startup Basic Connections Flat side down! Since each bank can have programs in oc2x, that means the total number of possible programs in an instrument is 2,!

Save again, replacing Setup without renaming. Effects Each Internal bank contains factory programs or setups. Page Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters Latched kurzweli play in ascending pitch order, regardless of their chronological order. This is a performance feature only; Activating or deactivating the sends to each effect block this way is a maunal feature only; the sends return to their preset state as soon as you select another program or setup.

Don’t have an account? Figure Proper orientation of plug Place the power supply somewhere where it will stay dry manuaal out of the way.

Kurzweil PC2 User Manual

There are two other values for Bank Mode: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If you want to follow along, start by pressing Internal Voices twice to return to Internal Voices mode.


Kurrzweil of Go.

Muting one zone has no effect on the other zones. Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters Latched notes play in ascending pitch order, regardless of their chronological order. Several of the preset setups do this. This sets the low key, since the Low parameter is current when you press Key Range.

Copy the XML files from the 02 Sound Sets folder in the sound set package to the Sounds folder in the Sibelius user settings directory. Press Compare again to stop its LED from blinking. To print the manual completely, please, download it. A-4 Installing a New Boot Block Program Classical Grand should appear in the display.


Page 97 – The Controllers Menu: Click the Save button at the top of the Playback Devices dialog to save your changes, and close the Playback Devices dialog. Mozart, Horn Concerto No. Save the krzweil, this time replacing Setup without renaming it. Zone Select And Assignable Controllers Performance Features The Pc2z Panel The mode-selection buttons work the same regardless of your performance mode, but the other two groups of buttons are mode-dependent, as described below: