read the help section on adding an animation to your web page. Tutorials and More Help Topics. You can view examples created with KoolMoves by going to. KoolMoves and KoolShow, Html5 animation software, combine ease-of-use with powerful effects for creating high quality Html5, GIF, AVI, MP4, and SWF. Your Kool Moves movie can be placed on a web page within a layer with the background set to transparent allowing your HTML page background color, text.

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Fixed rotate and spin effects for CreateJS Html5 export. Fixed a problem with buttons in the symbol library. How to display a Kool Moves movie with koolmovess Transparent Background. Fixed missing button actions in a copy of a button. Added full screen mode as a html export option.

KoolMoves has been designed by a professional animator to provide powerful selection and manipulation capabilities. Added wizard page for exporting Flash animation as an Android mobile app. Replaced many of the program icons for a cleaner look.

Added validation of file paths for slide show and media player content on opening project file. Improved several context help files.


Html5 animation software | KoolMoves and KoolShow

The ability to create Jssor-slider slideshows for ads has recently been added. Added additional run-time error testing. Fixed snap to grid so it applies to point operations. Added clipping of exported shapes to insure they are not too large for the Flash player. Fixed a problem with literal functions as function arguments.

Repaired a popup after adding an Html5 video player that was missing content. Fixed problem with slight blurriness in images with a motion script effect for Flash ttutorial export. Tugorial numerous problems with the jQuery Widgets Pages dialog. Fixed disabled slideshow skin property in Properties dialog for Html5 export. Added ability to import a folder of slide images into a jssor slide show.

Fixed several AS3 export issues. Improved slideshow skin parameter color selection. Added Flash 10 filter classes in km. Koolmoves is somewhat unique in supporting vector shape morphing for Html5 canvas export. Fixed a preview window problem when inserting a KoolMoves movie into a Flash 9 movie. Added extra decimal in displaying Sx, Sy, Rb, Rc on status bar. Fixed problem with invalid page references in go-to-page actions when jQuery Mobile pages are deleted.

Improved button mouseover behavior for CreateJS Html5 export. Disabled properties tutlrial Properties popup that are not available for button states.


Support for KoolMoves Html5 animation software

Fixed problem when number of tweens between adjacent key koolmlves is 0 or 1 for CreateJS Html5 export. Fixed problem with field width being too narrow for class name and base class name in symbol library. Added search capability to Movie Overview. Fixed case sensitivity issue associated with package file names. Fixed problem in slide show wizard for extremely large widths or heights. Upgraded to latest Visual Studio for this compile.

Added ability to go to a key frame for an object by clicking on the Timeline even if that object doesn’t appear in that key frame.

In some instances, more detailed tutorials on actionscript and the use of the Kool Moves tool are available at the Support page on the Kool Moves web tutorila. Added Delete in All Frames right-click option in Timeline. Fixed x position of multi-line text which is not left-aligned in Html5 export.