SEPTEMBER 6, — Rolls-Royce has added three larger stainless steel Kamewa waterjets to its product range. The new waterjets are designed for use in . master thesis “Water jet steering concept – evaluation of an .. Figure 1a: Overview of the Kamewa water jet and the main parts it consists of. [1]. Kamewa mixed-flow waterjet S3 series Kamewa waterjet propulsion concept – Excellent high speed performance – State-of-the-art control system – Superior.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Create your future with us Help us deliver better power for our changing world. Related Searches Diesel engine Centrifugal compressor Gear box Industrial compressor Power generator set Diesel generator set Gas generator set Stationary compressor Turbocharged engine Power generation turbine Gas engine Turbine generator set Multi-cylinder engine Turbine for marine applications Gas turbine Aeroderivative turbine Three-phase generator set Stationary generator set Multi-stage compressor Parallel-shaft gear reducer.

Reduced transom flange diameter, less entrained water, lower weight. Waterjet controls are based on the Rolls-Royce common control platform, with a bus connection between kzmewa waterjet hydraulic actuators for steering and reversing and the bridge The touch screen at the control station provides the operator with a clear view of system status.

Field Service Our network of strategically located marine workshops is spread across the globe. This type of solution is ideal for theoretical training, especially for larger groups. Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: By using this site, you agree to the Watter of Use and Privacy Policy.


The waterjet has many advantages over a propeller. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Swedish. Sign up to get the latest news. This type of training used together with classroom training can provide a holistic view of complete systems.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Rolls-Royce waterjets The pump unit is based on experience from the Sll range, now significantly enhanced by using the latest computer design techniques verified in the cavitation tunnels at the Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamic Research The cavitation margin has been increased so that in most cases a waterjet one size smaller will give the same speed.

In constant use, the laboratory personnel research, develop and test new products and improvements to existing ones.

Kamewa – Wikipedia

Watsr simulator Realistic training on deploying the streamer cable and deflector. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Realistic training on deploying the streamer cable and deflector. Practice manoeuvring around an oil platform in all types of sea conditions.

Our control systems offer excellent manoeuvrability, allowing vessels to be berthed quickly and with high precision. Rolls-Royce utilises our own proprietary, computerised design program, which contains the latest waterjet technology, as well as actual results from earlier waterjet With the aid of this program, individua influences and the combined effect of all parameters will be studied to find the solution that provides the best fuel economy.

Offering blended teaching combining e-learning, simulator training and more. These images result from Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD wateg with colours indicating pressure at different points, and assist designers in shaping components Precise steering and manoeuvring.

This programme will streamline our operations to reduce lead-times, increase spares availability, kameea allow customers to track the status of their spares delivery in real-time.


Stainless steel components provide long life and reliable service. Fact Sheet Rolls-Royce waterjets Rolls-Royce is the world leader in research, development and manufacture of high power dater for commercial Rolls-Royce is the only supplier in the industry with its own, fully equipped marine laboratory.


They can be configured for systems or stand-alone operations like subsea, bridge, crane or winch operations. Investor Relations Keep up to date with the latest announcements, reports and publications from Rolls-Royce. Sign up to get the latest news Contact us. Superior performance and manoeuvrability The waterjet has many advantages over a propeller. The very high efficiency of the Kamewa waterjet pumps offer higher speeds for the same power or substantially lower fuel consumption at a constant speed with less power.

Number and placement of stations can be customised. Inlet duct optimised for each type of vessel. Ensuring that your crew are properly and thoroughly trained will reduce operational risk and downtime plus maximise return on asset investment.

Marine global service network catalogue. The team has direct access to the experts in our product centres, should additional support be required, and for the more complex issues a product specialist will be assigned to you. Archived from mamewa original on Contacting any of these numbers will put you through to our global support team: Typically, waterjets produce less vibration and noise, improving passenger comfort levels.