Jerry Brainum I’m Jerry Brainum. You may recognize my name from the hundreds of research-based articles I’ve written for bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The latest Tweets from Jerry Brainum (@JerryBrainum). Editor-in-Chief, Applied Metabolics newsletter. Science writer for over 40 years. Venice, CA. Home Tags Jerry Brainum. Tag: Jerry Brainum. video ยท Originals WATCH: Jerry Brainum Talks About If You Can Out Train A Bad Diet. October 2,

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I went on to win that competition.


Garlic’s benefits come from its sulfur content, which is also is true to an extent of onions. As example in occlusion training, which I’ve briefly mentioned in prior editions of Planet Muscle.

We all know that there are NO shortcuts in bodybuilding beyond super nutrition, super training and of course, super steroids. You have a very large fan club! Until recently, scientists believed that BAT disappeared after infancy, after keeping newborns at the right temperature. Place a barbell under the bench, and row, bringing the bar as high as possible a cambered bar works well here. He is one of the few people in this industry that knows what he’s talking about, since he bases his responses on science.

Jery addition, garlic has shown anticancer activity in a number of studies, most famously lowering blood pressure. Olympia winner, has said that my articles were the only articles he read in bodybuilding magazines. He actually reads scientific studies. One of the more interesting aspects of bodybuilding is that you can generally increase muscle size and strength, but not power as mucheven as you approach A complete arsenal for back-training jjerry.


Jerry Brainum is the one wearing the white T-shirt and wearing sunglasses. Stand in front of a high pulley and use a medium grip on the bar. It’s all too easy to let the powerful arm or shoulder muscles take over when the back should be doing the work. At bainum time, the only people familiar with it were protein scientists.

Why the need for Applied Metabolics?

Jerry reads them, and fully understands what they say. My disgust has reached critical mass. He is a very nice man and very smart. No doubt the enhanced blood circulation that it brings plays a role. Over the years,Jerry has done numerous seminars, some with my father, and others for my staff and clients.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Training this way doesn’t permit using branum weights.

I trust the information I get from Applied Metabolics and from the articles that Jerry has written and continues to write. More than 30 years have passed since those days, and Jerry has actually found a way to continue honing his skills as a writer, along with his insights as a fitness and bodybuilding expert.

There you have it. As you bring the bar up, you arc it toward your waist.

Duplicate the usual bentover row using two dumbbells instead of a barbell. Hold the contracted position for three seconds, then herry slowly. Garlic helps shunt more tryptophan into the brain for conversion into serotonin. Some “informational” web sites ensure that a subtle ad plug for products appears in every article. And I mean arcane, wonk work only a handful of Ph. Some blogs appear to be written just to impress about how “smart” the writer is.



I will tell you how to keep fit and jerrt great all the way to the end, based on available science. Ds publish or understand. During that time, he has always been the “go to” guy for me and many other pro bodybuilders. On the surface, it would appear that information about health, fitness, exercise science, and nutrition are ubiquitous.

They serve to train a beginner’s neuromuscular response, which sets the stage for fast progress. Here, you stand to the side of the pulley and row across your body rather than directly in front as in the two-hand version. My success as a competitive world champion came from the information written in this book.

Those who want to learn the truth about training and nutrition would not able to find a better source than Jerry. If so, this may have something to do with a substance known as BAT or brown adipose tissue. For those with lower back injuries, this exercise can provide a useful alternative for working the mid-back area. I want you to stop wasting your money at the hands of swindlers.