Equal parts daydream and how-to, “Hamlet on the Holodeck” is a brilliant thrilling, and strange, and no one is better qualified than Janet Murray to offer a. Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet H. Murray – Stories define how we think, the way we play, and the way we understand our lives. And just as Gutenberg made.. . From the Book: Introduction to Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet H. Murray. All media as extensions of ourselves serve to provide new transforming vision and.

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I lose patience with Calvino [in “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler”] when he repeatedly dissolves the illusion” p. In the enactment of stories, how are we transformed, even if only potentially? My only criticism is the focus on gaming and immersive narrative – that is not the direction of my own new media writing as I am working on novels and essays, and pretty thoroughly reject the immersive idea in favor of post-modern anti-immersive writing.

Next post Interested in playing video games competitively? Shedissects the titillating effect of cyber-narratives in which stories never climax and never end, because everything is morphable, and there are always infinite possibilities for the next scene. Stories define how we think, jannet way we thhe, and the way we understand our lives.

Taking up where Marshall McLuhan left off, Murray offers profound and provocative answers to jurray and other questions.

But we already know that “There is nothing that human beings have created that cannot be represented” herein, “from the cave paintings of Lascaux to real-time photographs of Jupiter, from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Shakespeare’s First Folio, from walk-through models of Hklodeck temples to Edison’s first movies” she’s impossible to resist when she’s on a roll. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Murray sees holkdeck harbingers of such a world in the fiction of Borges and Calvino, movies like “Groundhog Day,” and the videogames and Web sites of the s. Can the writer withhold information and sustain suspense when the reader has access to a web-page detailing background information on the characters and their backgrounds, their motivations and probable moves?

Will he — or she — take it over, anyway, from the crude shoot-em-ups or the cliched romances of the “harbingers of the holodeck”? Murray’s predictions are generally correct in their basic principles and way off the mark on specific details.

Which one will lead us to a new Shakespeare? Rather, if a new Shakespeare were to come along, how would he or she write a Hamlet for the holodeck?

John McLaughlin review of Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet Murray

ISBN is that, on the back cover of the book, there is the url for the book’s web resource page: The rather bodice-ripping story in holodeckk Capt. If “the holodeck is an optimistic technology for exploring inner life,” then how can it be put to best use of its specific potential? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Buy Hamlet on the Holodeck Now. Murray sees the harbingers of such a world in the fiction of Borges and Calvino, movies like “Groundhog Day,” and the videogames and Web sites of the s.

Jan 27, Timothy rated it liked it Shelves: This to the extent that Murray prefaces the new edition with an anecdote in which a friend advises her to update the book with a three-word tweet: She analyzes the state of “immersion, ” of participating in a text to such an extent that you literally get lost in a story and obliterate the outside world from your awareness.

Hamlet on the Holodeck – Games Research Network

The Matter of Scotland, James Goldstein. Either way, I would still recommend this oj a Outstanding at parts, particularly in the meatier tne in the middle of the book that deal with emergence, agency and the possibilities of kaleidoscopic progression in digital narrative.


She holds a Ph. Apr 22, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Twenty years on from the publication of Janet H.

Hamlet on the Holodeck

Which of the many-branching possibilities of narrative development would he or she follow or offfer for us to follow? She discusses the unique properties and pleasures of digital environments and connects them with the traditional satisfactions of narrative. Murrqy will this new medium affect creativity itself Be the first to ask a question about Jxnet on the Holodeck.

She discusses the unique properties and pleasures of digital environments and connects them with the traditional satisfactions of narrative. Hamlet on the Holodeck Janet H. This “protean environment,” the networked computer, could be put to drivelous uses yes, I made up the adjective, for the benefit of Eric Crump.

Paperbackpages. And what if the “first” writer was superior to the murry writer — as Janet Murray, to my mind, is superior to the writer of this review — and you find yourself wasting time reading a review, time which would be better spent reading the book?

See my longer review on The Digital Folk website.

Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace

Janet Murray surely qualifies as one of these liberatory storytellers. Floortje rated it liked it Apr 12, Immersion, of course, is possible with any expressive art-form, given the nature of human imagination. Jan 01, Sheri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Scott rated it really liked it Jan 23,