Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska Religijni i niepoczytalni? Terroryzm muzułmański w świetle badań psychologicznych. Religious and mad? Islamic terrorism. Islam wobec globalizacji. Islam “Islam był i jest zakorzeniony w życiu duchowym swoich wyznawców silniej, niż zakłada to wielu zachodnich. Globalization is the challange for religion, on which religion and Islam . [in:] A. Mrozek-Dumanowska, J. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa , p.

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A sense of belonging to a community in connection with practicing the same religion and recognizing the same system of values is one of the strongest group bonds. Subjectivity of cultural groups in the first model is the prevailing, superior feature of relation systems, while, in the second model, states and intergovernmental organizations are the most significant element of international relations Maintaining and deepening of divisions among societies in the world can be recognized as one of the basic threats carried by globalization.

Despite that, Islam should not adopt the western values, but only external attributes, because otherwise it can lose its cultural identity. They should be emphasized by means of a constructive dialogue of great religious systems. As it is too libertarian and too superficial. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa In the first type of relations, cultural groups prevail, while in the second one — political and economic organizations.

Edited by Aisha Khan. At the whole simplification carried by inclusivism, most religions still share certain convictions, which can jointly create global governance.

It is true that although the majority of Muslim societies experience cultural differences or marginalization of religion in the global discussion, they try to overcome the occurring dissonance. The last group of intellectuals from the circle of the Islamic culture perceives globalization as a cultural invasion with the main goal of destroying the cultural heritage of Islamic civilization.

Migracje a globalizacja | Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

Even if some religious movements are concentrated on contestation of main ideas and structures of the global order, they still complement the process of globalization. Global processes go across countries, penetrate all societies and regions. Namely, in the contemporary world, many local cultures or economies interweave, penetrate or adopt one another, which means that they are rarely functioning in full isolation.


Globalization perceived in this way cannot lead to creation of a society based on respect for distinctness or traditional moral standards. Because their essence is distortion of the classical religious doctrine and employment of religion for realization of their particular goals. Large human groups must take a specific stance on occurring changes and find their identity, because globalization has created demand for a new identity that is built, first of all, basing on local ties within the groups closest to an individual, that is, basing on families, tribes, people from the same cultural circle.

However, attachment to a religious tradition can produce the attitudes of dissonance and unfitness to requirements of the culture of the global world.

Globalization and Islam

For Islamic fundamentalists, Islam is not only a religious belief but it also provides a framework, within which the policy and society are shaped. Pluralism of cultures, their mutual relations and influences can lead to conflicts among the communities, which are uncertain of their identity.

However, globalization is also connected with the flow of intangible assets — norms, values and patterns of behaviours. Communitarianism Social life causes that various forms of social ties and social identity emerge through evolution.

Migracje a globalizacja

In the contemporary world, a community is based, to a greater and greater extent, on language, religion and widely understood culture, as this area of symbols and their meanings, which refers to the fact of origination and inheritance of certain, potential abilities to identical or similar reacting to the same needs and incentives17 The Muslim community, which originated on the basis of religion and traditional group bonds, is characterized by great solidarity.


Islam and global governance: On Violence, Terrorism and Development, Cambridge It stresses their dignity and the need of cooperation for the good of mankind. Secondly, elements common to civilized societies, such as cities, literacy, which distinguish them from primitive communities.

But the conflict between democracy and fundamentalists, especially Islamic fundamentalists, does not concern only democracy as a concrete system of wielding power. The paper demonstrates the historical relation between Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism and how they have merged in time through different interests into having a similar target that is focused on spreading the Wahhabi creed.

The religious pluralism assumes functioning, side by side, 6 See: It often happens that it is just religion, what ensures such cultural safety and is a specific repository, in which standards and values of given societies are stored. Introduction Globalization constitutes one of the major, although least recognized, megatrends of the present day, therefore it is not easy to define globalization, and not only for the reason that when talking about it we mean economic, political as well as cultural processes and their effects.

Index of Kota Santri, postcolonialism, Islamic norms, indigenization. As a secular political culture, it provides glbalizacja for global civilization, and fundamentalism can be interpreted as expression of local cultures, which are grouping into forms of civilization.

Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the globlizacja. Alien values, norms and behaviours influence existing social relations 1. Respect for cultural diversity must be part of this new world order.

Islam a demokracja, Warszawa It is the most visible and most controversial vision, because it is most strongly tied to tradition and religion.