17, Public Law – th Congress. An Act. To reform the intelligence community and the intelligence and intelligence-related. (This measure has not been amended since the Conference Report was filed in the House on December 7, The summary of that version is repeated here.). Today, President George W. Bush will sign the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of (IRTPA), which represents the most.

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Expansion of United States scholarship and exchange programs in the Islamic world. Yet, if our liberties are curtailed, we lose the values that we are struggling to defend. Emergency Securities Response Act of Hoaxes and recovery costs. Additions to offense of providing material support to terrorism.

FF Section b 1 50 U. Inadmissibility and deportability of foreign government officials who have committed particularly severe violations of religious freedom.

Legislative history Introduced in the Senate as S. The President shall transmit to Congress a plan for the implementation of this title and the amendments made by this title.


Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

Prohibition of the display of social security account numbers on driver’s irfpa or motor vehicle registrations. Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. If any provision of this Act, or an amendment made by this Act, or the application 22004 such provision to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of this Act, or the application of such provision to persons or circumstances other those to which such provision is held invalid shall not be affected thereby.

Subtitle F—Presidential Transition Sec.

Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act – Wikipedia

M Section b 2 A 50 U. Increase in penalties for fraud and related activity. Reporting of certain cross-border transmittal of funds.

A Section c 50 U. Framework for cross-disciplinary education and training. The individual designated as the program manager shall serve as program manager until removed from service or replaced by the President at the President’s sole discretion. Pilot program to evaluate use of blast resistant cargo and baggage containers. The fifth title, simply titled “Border protection, immigration, and visa matters”, is formally divided into 5 subtitles:. University of California – Santa Barbara.


B Section B a 2 50 U. International Youth Opportunity Fund.

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA)

N Section a 1 50 U. Director of Science and Technology. Section of the National Security Act of 50 U. Elements of intelligence community under National Security Act of E Section a 50 U. Protection of civil rights and civil liberties by Office of Inspector General. II Section b 1 50 U. Role of Director irtla National Intelligence in appointment of certain officials responsible for intelligence-related activities.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Reserve Service. KK Section f 2 H 50 U.

R Section c 1 B 50 U. Transfer of Community Management Staff. Report on secondary flight deck barriers.

irtoa Subtitle D—Homeland Security Sec. Mission of Department of Homeland Security. F Section e 50 U. D Section 21 g 1 50 U. B Section h 5 50 U.