März Wann wurde der Brief geschrieben? Wer war Hugo von Hofmannsthal? Wer war Francis Bacon? Was beinhaltet der Brief? Wie wird die. by Aaron Steiner. “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A. Long recognized as one of the defining texts of literary Modernism, Hofmannsthal’s “Ein Brief” (“The Letter of Lord Chandos”) remains a very.

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Camden House, A great deal of the analysis of the work has focused on the apparent paradox that, despite claiming to be unable to write, the author composes a letter of chandoe length and never fully explains the source of the crisis of language.

The European Imagination,trans.

But it is my inner self that I feel bound to reveal to you-a peculiarity, a vice, a disease of my mind, if you like-if you are to understand that an abyss equally unbridgeable separates me from the literary works lying seemingly ahead of me as from those behind me: Although Chandos never presents his letter as an apology or even as hofmannsthxl successful offering of gratitude, the preface does its best to encourage an interpretation of the letter as what J.

For Hofmannsthal, this chaotic result is exactly what the Semele figure wants.

It, too, forms whirlpools, but of a sort that do not seem to lead, as the whirlpools of language, into the abyss, but into myself and into the deepest womb of peace. I would fain give you chandso answer such as you deserve, fain reveal myself to you entirely, but I chands not know how to set about it.

How shall I try to describe to you these strange spiritual torments, this rebounding of the fruit-branches above my outstretched hands, this recession of the murmuring stream from my thirsting lips?

He states that he experienced a heightened consciousness in regular conversation: Chandos writes that he finally turned to the works of Seneca and Cicero for refuge — and perhaps therapy — in an attempt to end his crisis, but was unable to make complete sense of those works. But he also writes that these moments are confusing and do no good to help his language crisis: It was founded on I know not what sensual and spiritual desire: Click here to sign up.


The Letter of Lord Chandos – Modernism Lab

He writes that the crisis of language should be viewed as deeper than simply a predicament of communication and the limits of language. With the transition to an industrial society, forms and manners of expression previously deemed effective were no longer capable of articulating the thoughts and ideas of Viennese society.

These mute and, on occasion, inanimate creatures rise toward me with such an abundance, such a presence of love, that my enchanted eye can hodmannsthal nothing in sight void of life. Fischer,— Ellen Ritter Frankfurt am Main: As soon, however, as this strange enchantment falls from me, I find myself confused; wherein this harmony transcending me and the entire world consisted, and how it made itself known to me, I could present in sensible words as little as I could say anything precise about the inner movements of my intestines or a congestion of my blood It shows how writing might already be social and a powerful form of acting.

I know not whether to admire more the urgency of your benevolence or the unbelievable sharpness of your memory, when you recall to me the various little projects I entertained during those days of rare enthusiasm which we shared together.

I also toyed with other schemes. Even in familiar and humdrum conversation all the opinions which are generally expressed with ease chandoss sleep-walking assurance became so doubtful that I had to cease altogether taking part in such talk.

Remember me on this computer. The end result is Chandos hofmannstual a broken man mourning his lost abilities. Chandos may have given up his apophtheg- matic project, but it still serves as an initiation into a new form of life that he seems to enjoy writing about.

Gradually, however, these attacks of anguish spread like a corroding rust.

I would like, if it only were permitted me, to squeeze into the closing words of this, the last letter I expect I will write to Francis Bacon, all the love and gratitude, all the boundless admiration which I bear in my heart for the one who has done the most for my spirit—the foremost Englishman of my time—and which I will continue to bear in my heart until death makes it burst.

Skip to main content. I felt everything within me: And in my mind I compare myself from time to time with the orator Crassus, of whom it is reported that he grew so excessively enamoured of a tame lamprey-a dumb, apathetic, red-eyed fish in his ornamental pond-that it became the talk of the town; and when one day in the Senate Domitius reproached him for having shed tears over the death of this fish, attempting thereby to make him appear a fool, Crassus answered, “Thus have I done over the death of my fish as you have over the death of neither your first nor your second wife.


Chandos describes the development of his crisis in stages. But not on account of the answer he gave Domitius.

Chandos Brief

I am rebuilding a wing of my house and am capable of conversing occasionally with the architect concerning the progress of his work; I administer my estates, and my tenants and hovmannsthal may find me, perhaps, somewhat more taciturn but no less benevolent than of yore.

And I longed for more. Yale University Press, It is then that Hofmannstthal feel as though I myself were about to ferment, to effervesce, to foam and to sparkle. He then bluntly describes his current state: Since language is used to express thought, he concludes that the crisis examined by Hofmannsthal should be seen as one of cognition in addition to one of language; he asserts that Chandos is unable chandoa write clearly because he is unable to think clearly.

Albansin order to excuse himself for his complete abandonment of literary activity hofmannsthl sich…zu entschuldigen]. At first I grew by degrees incapable of discussing a loftier or more general subject in terms of which everyone, fluently and without hesitation, is wont to avail himself.

Hardly do I know whether I am still the same person to whom your precious letter is addressed.

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It might, in this letter, induce a similar crisis in Bacon. Oxford University Press,— The work begins with a single introductory sentence, most likely the work of an editor, explaining that the letter, written by Lord Philip Chandos, son of the Earl of Bath, and addressed to Sir Francis Bacon, will apologize for a lack of literary activity.

It might be a form of potlatch, meant to drive Bacon mad and reduce him to silence.