01 with their popular detachable printers, HIOKI has added the MEMORY HiCORDERs / 51 with harmonic analysis function. Capable of. (Compatible models: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , MEMORY HiCORDER , , MEMORY HiCORDER , , MR MEMORY HiCORDER ,

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Wave Viewer (Wv)

Fixed waveform display condition 88807 been added. Model waveform files can be supported. Number of digits below the decimal point of CSV-converted parameter is increased.

CSV converted values became a negative value when converting large pulse mode values. The simultaneous movement function of the A-B cursors is added. The output header can be selected when converting data into CSV format.

Discontinued Products

On a certain condition, the Batch Conversion function fails and the application is unusually finished. Further, this product may not be modified without the express written permission of the copyright owner. Hhioki waveform calculation function can be supported.


Stored data numbers can be indicated when CSV conversion is executed. Batch Conversion function has been added. Model MR, MR waveform files can be hioi. The line feed code of the CSV file can be chosen.

The current value measured with a combination of current input module and clamp probe was wrong. Showing waveform remarks function has been added.

A filter item is added to the header part of the CSV file. Output file name in Batch Conversion function was incorrect if the waveform file extension does not exist. The slide nioki function of the 88007 file is added.

Models and waveform files are now compatible. Concerning conversion format, space separated text format, TAB separated text format have been added. CSV file division function can be supported.

Wave Viewer (Wv) – Hioki

Model MRT waveform files can be supported. Repaired only and V2. Time axis notation can be selected when converting data into CSV format.


Model variable function can be supported. Model waveform files are now compatible.

Discontinued Products – Hioki

Model MR inter-channel calculation and waveform calculation function can be supported. Open converted file on associated application function has been added. B-A time value in trace function was incorrect when using pre-trigger function or the partial saved file.

hiiki Gauge indication function is added on the analog waveform. Logic waveform height has been adjusted. Modeland waveform files are now compatible. Waveform zoom ratio in Voltage V range waveform is incorrect.

Showing measurement conditions of the selected waveform file function has been added in the file open dialog. The following problem was resolved: