Abstract:: Purpose: Despite an insidious onset without symptoms, patients with open–angle glaucoma (OAG) may experience difficulty with daily activities from. Purpose.: To investigate, using Rasch analysis, whether the item Glaucoma Quality of Life (GQL) forms a valid scale and to optimize. Abbreviation / Long Form: GQL / Glaucoma Quality of Life Questionnaire Abbreviation: GQL (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form: Glaucoma.

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The corresponding visual performance was The same is true in questionnaires. Assessment of the impact of vision impairment.

This site uses cookies. However, this would quesrionnaire have improved the psychometric properties of the instrument. Although it may seem inconsistent to remove some items and retain others within these two conceptual areas, the key issue is that the items retained behave predictably within the whole item set across the entire glaucoma population whereas the removed items did not. Rasch analysis of visual function and quality of life questionnaires. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

The more difficult items and more visually able participants are located at the bottom of the map. Please review our privacy policy. To draw a clinical analogy, imagine a device that measures both intraocular pressure IOP and central corneal thickness but produces only one score.

Clinical assessment, including the measurement of visual acuity and visual field of each eye, was performed during the follow-up visit. To investigate, using Rasch analysis, whether the item Glaucoma Quality of Life GQL forms a valid scale and to optimize its psychometric properties. KerntNone; C.

Visual acuity in the better eye had to be at least 0. Visual field defects were classified into mild, moderate, and severe visual field loss using mean deviation MD indices and a modification of the Hodapp—Parrish—Anderson classification 27 in the more severely affected eye.


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Using the GQL, the glare and dark adaptation subscale was the most affected, while the NEIVFQ25 revealed that the general vision and driving subscales were the most affected. One hundred eighteen glaucoma patients completed the German version of the GQL by self-administration.

Two hundred sixty-four participants were recruited cases and controls for gsl-15 present study. Care was taken to reduce any bias that could occur because of translation. Quality of life in glaucoma and its relationship with visual function. Footnotes Disclosure The authors report no conflict of interest in this work. Eligibility criteria for cases Patients with POAG on medical therapy or those who had had trabeculectomy at least 3 months before the study were eligible.

It has been shown to be reliable and has good internal consistency. Niger Postgrad Med J. Ethical approval was obtained from the institutional ethical committee. A new measure of patient satisfaction with ocular hypotensive medications: The removed items were tested for fit to the Rasch model to determine whether they could measure an additional construct, but the measurement precision was inadequate person separation, 1.

A comparison of the NEIVFQ25 and GQL-15 questionnaires in Nigerian glaucoma patients

The primary aim of the present study was to explore the psychometric properties of the GQL using Rasch analysis and to assess whether it forms a valid scale. The fact that there is no universally acceptable gold standard for categorizing disease severity in glaucoma could account for this. Validity of the instrument was assessed by calculating correlation coefficient between the questionnaire score and traditional clinical measures that is, visual acuity and visual field.


The item measure of the scale ranged from 1. Seeing objects coming from the side Poor targeting is also a common problem in other vision-specific questionnaires when used on more able patients, such as in second eye cataract questinonaire patients who become more able after first eye cataract gl-15. Indeed, the papers describing its development explain that the purpose is to measure self-reported visual disability despite the name containing the term quality of life.

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Glaucoma Quality of Life Questionnaire (GQL) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

In conclusion, the revised GAL-9 has superior psychometric properties, including unidimensionality and good measurement precision with the added advantage of low respondent gq,-15. Purchase this article with an account. Depression and quality of life in patients with glaucoma: Similarly, the GQL peripheral vision domain had a strong correlation rho: Depression and quality of life in patients with glaucoma: On the basis of MD in better eye, Psychometric Properties and Trade-Offs.

gq,-15 The focus of this study was on primary open-angle glaucoma POAGwhich is the most common variant of glaucoma in Nigeria. Unidimensionality is assessed by examining the fit statistics and principal component analysis PCA of the residuals. The patient’s point of view is measured using various types of questionnaires known as patient-reported outcomes PROs. Adjusting to bright lights 6.