O sztuce milosci [Erich Fromm] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ksiazka ta ma byc przede wszystkimn doradca pomocnym w kwestii jak. O SZTUCE MIŁOŚCI nie prezentuje ani teorii osobowości ani teorii popędów. Książka ta ma być przede wszystkim doradcą pomocnym w rozważaniach kwestii . Title, O sztuce miłości. Biblioteka Nowej Myśli “Wodnik”. Author, Erich Fromm. Editor, Katarzyna Raźniewska. Translated by, Aleksander Bogdański. Contributor .

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In order to love others, one has to first come to terms with oneself. What am I really? The ultimate goal of each human is to fill up the inner void with love. He who understands nothing is worthless. From nature, human being is destined to feel lonely, to feel a certain void inside. One has to love oneself, before one truly loves others.

Consciencess makes the human beings aware of their k in this world. Who am I as a human being? This quote hits the nail in the head as far as definition of love is concerned. During the visit in the “Tender Barbarian” bookstore I have looked at many interesting books. To refill this void, this loneliness one is searching for selffullilment, for not feeling alone. It really got me interested in the person of Paracelsus. He really manages to regain milocsi of what is all about.


Its a great place, with great atmosphere, in the Powisle disctrict on Dobra Street, nearby to Tamka street where I used to live when I live in Warsaw many years ago. In ssztuce to engage in meanigful love one has to keep mindful state of mind.

In English this name would sound more or less “Tender Barbarian”.

O sztuce milosci

However, only after years of praticing one can master the art of being a surgeon. After one becomes successfully proficient with the theory of medicine, than one can start finally particing it.

The point is to calm down all thoughts and worries that one has collected in ones head thorughtout the day. I read it in the Mklosci of One time 20 minutes in the mornig, second time, 20 minutes of self-reflextion time, quality time, where one only is with thoughts with onself in the evenining before going to bed. Selfawarness predetermines our human nature, defines our core, defines who we really are? Due to this fact this book gains even more on its significance in our day and age.

O sztuce miłości – Erich Fromm – opinia o książce () –

Brining together theory and practice allow an individual to become a master. Constant pains, tiredness criples us and distracts us from experiencing life for what it really is. Unhealthy body, poses many distractions to a human being and decreases a chance of living a meanigful, loving life.


As described by Fromm, love is a state of mind, where one comes to terms with all the beings, living creatures of this world, without exceptions. This also applies to the partice of love.

O sztuce miłości

In the end I ended up wztuce a book by Erich Fromm, “To have or to be? Art of Love The book begins with a quote of Paracelsus which goes as follows: Putting practice and theory together. We are dominated and enslaved by our culture. Really a great name.

The awareness of being creates the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of longing of reuniting with other human beings, of become one with nilosci human being or other human beings. He was a German-Swiss alchemist, scientists, botanist of the renaissance. Fromm mentions in his book how our culture influences the way we define love.

Human beings are concious creatures.