The lands of the Unapproachable East trade with the Old Empires because of their proximity, and Thesk is the avenue through which exotic goods from the far. The Unapproachable East Forgotten Realms supplement takes you to Aglarond, Rashemen, Thay, Thesk, and the Great Dale! Take a peek at. Unapproachable East (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) [Richard Baker, Matt Forbeck, Sean K. Reynolds] on.

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The present realm was founded by the war-captain Imphras, who united four independent cities to face hobgoblin hordes advancing out of the Giantspire Mountains in DR. Rashemen is a cold, rugged land, populated by hardy and fiercely independent people.

Unapproachable East Map Gallery

In Thesk, these agents are the thousand orcs from their army. See Organizations for more information about the individual zulkirs. Hensoi NG male human Drdl2 of Silvanusthe druid here, has an affinity for birds of prey, and the local raptors come here if times are hard or they are injured. Outsiders are forbidden to enter the forest, and those caught are put to death. The Red Wizards succeeded in destroying all opposition from their former masters and established the land of Thay in DR.

Few give the country any more thought than this, but Aglarond is a place of ancient magic that holds one of the largest half-elf settlements in the world. A cabal of wizards eradicated the nyth in a battle of mutual destruction. In the increasingly uncommon “general war” situations, Thay can send at least two special units into battle: This city is famous as the site of the defeat of the Tuigan horde by the armies of the western alliance.


This tharch controls trade routes to Mulhorand. Adventurers come to the Great Dale to explore the forests and their strange ruins, but the land’s powerful druids watch carefully over all their travels in the forgktten.

The stones sometimes have different arrangements and move as a unappeoachable a short distance from year to year. As I recall, Sean turned in his chapter on Rashemen first, which was a great model for me to follow. In DR the zulkirs approached the Simbul with an offer cease hostilities and declare a truce, which the Simbul accepted with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Ralms use it as a rest stop and barter with the locals here. Two heirs of the royal line, Thara and Ulae known as the Gray Sisters took the throne when their brother died, and they kept Aglarond safe for years.

Chauntea, Mask, Shaundakul, Waukeen Imports: The ruin attracts fell creatures from elsewhere, making it a dangerous place. They wield weapons of gold that are as hard as forgtoten and cast strange magic that gives off no light The adventurers told the story in Pyarados before they left to fight these creatures, who many in Thay believe to be a degenerate off shoot of Mulhorandi trapped centuries ago.

The Unapproachable East (1372)

Vast portions of the land are virtually empty – most folk live along the road from Telflamm to Two Stars. The druids tolerate the trade route that passes between their forests only because caravaneers know that to disturb the forest is death, and accordingly they avoid it. Several smaller tunnels have been found leading downward. Detection and scrying magic cannot reach into the forest, and those who try see only a cluster of unremarkable trees rather than what they’re looking for. Artwork, fruit, grains, jewelry, magic items, sculpture, timber Alignment: The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The plain is also home to bulettes and ankhegs.


Native folk who wish to trade for foreign goods occasionally visit Uthmere. The Scouring of the Land. Its greenhouses hold the cultivated tropical flowers for which the city is known.

Chauntea, Eldath, Mielikki, Silvanus Imports: The place is mostly a graveyard, since the wars realmd Mulhorand caused the area much damage. The Witches instruct and protect the Iron Lord, and can remove him from office at will. Impiltur is at peace with its neighbors, but persistent brigands, orc and hobgoblin raids out of the Earthspur Mountains, monsters aroused by the ongoing mining and prospecting, and intrigues hatched in the cities of Impiltur by agents of Thay, the newly energetic clergies of Shar, and other dark powers keep the armies of Impiltur war-ready.