Apocynaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes trees, shrubs, herbs, stem succulents, The former family Asclepiadaceae (now known as Asclepiadoideae) is considered a subfamily of Apocynaceae and contains genera. Les Apocynaceae son una familia de les dicotiledónees qu’inclúi árboles, parrotales, La familia Asclepiadaceae esta agora incluyida na de Apocynaceae. Acerates pringlei Greenm.(2), Asclepias(5), Asclepias albicans S. Watson(2), Asclepias angustifolia Schweigger(5), Asclepias auriculata Kunth(1), Asclepias.

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Since the leaves are very long, we find a hanging basket works well, but they will be fine in almost any container.

La familia Asclepiadaceae en México

Studies in the Apocynaceae I a critical studies of the Apocynoidea, with special reference to genus Apocynum.

Apocynoideae Burnett, Asclepiadoideae R. Many species are tall trees found in tropical forestsbut some grow in tropical dry xeric environments. Several genera are grown as ornamental plantsincluding Amsonia bluestarNerium oleanderVinca periwinkleCarissa Natal plumAllamanda golden trumpetPlumeria frangipani asclpiadaceae, Thevetia lucky nutMandevilla Savannah flowerand Adenium desert-rose.

Bacigalupo Matelea lilloana T. Resurrection of Seutera Reichenbach Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae.

La familia Apocynaceae sensu lato en México: diversidad y distribución

Chase,”The taxonomy and systematics of Apocynaceae: Pontiroli Matelea schreiteri T. Flora de Guerrero A Flora of New Mexico. Some clarifications, new species, and new combinations in America Cynanchinae Asclepiadaceae.


Agregar a Lista de favoritos Agregar a lista de deseos. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. La familia Apocynaceae s. Pontiroli Melinia bicornuta Griseb.

This section has multiple issues. Asclepias flava Lillo Asclepias fruticosa L. Gonolobus rostratus Vahl Roem.

This section does not cite any sources. Asclepiadaxeae, they are more prone to rot. Stanford University Press, California. A revision of Tabernaemontana 2. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium 23 4: Retrieved 30 July Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Mitostigma barbatum Malme Mitostigma castillonii Lillo ex T. Familiia are perfect bisexualwith a synsepalousfive-lobed calyx united into a tube at the base. Several plants of the Apocynaceae family members have had economic uses in the past.

Oxypetalum brachystemma Malme Oxypetalum capitatum Mart. Several are sources of important natural products —pharmacologic tool compounds and drug research candidates, and in some cases actual prescription drugs. It will be dug fresh and shipped bare root. Familla is true of many species of plants from the Apocynaceae family, with some being extremely poisonous if parts are ingested, or if they are not handled properly.


As ofthe family was described as comprising some 5, species, in five subfamilies: Don Araujia plumosa Schltdl. Circuito exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, Del. The genera with the most native species and endemics are Asclepias and Matelea. Ibogaine -type alkaloids from the roots of genus Tabernathe have been used in traditional African tribal ceremonies as a source of hallucinogens, [ citation needed ] and have been studied with regard to the treatment of drug addiction.

Lista de las especies por familia – species list by family

The fruit is a drupea berrya capsuleor a follicle. Studies in Macrosiphonia Apocynaceae: Like other succulents, they need to sit for a week or so after being cut or broken so the cut portion can “harden” form a type of ‘scab’ over the damaged tissue. An evaluation of Plumeria L. En cuanto especies, las Apocynaceae s. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

A list of Apocynaceae genera may ascle;iadaceae found here. Como comprador, debes tener en cuenta estas posibilidades: Phylogenetic relationships within Apocynaceae s.