I am able to make an image of the NSView. try data?.write(to: exportedFileURL ); }; }catch{; NSLog(“error exporting image”); }; }; }; }; }. You typically don’t use NSView objects directly. Instead, you use objects whose classes descend from NSView or you subclass NSView yourself and override its . Explains how Cocoa menus and lists work and how to manipulate items within them.

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We’ll start off by briefly looking at the commonly shown export method and then implement a method that will export multi-page PDFs.

Therefore, you should not call super if nwview view implements any of the following methods and handles the event:. Displays the view but confines drawing to a specified region and does not back up to the first opaque ancestor—it simply causes the view and its descendants to execute their drawing code.

Modifying the Frame Rectangle. A Boolean value indicating whether the view tk content from its subviews into its own layer.

Now that we have our dictionary, we create the NSPrintInfo with it. Implemented by subclasses to determine the portion of the view to be printed for the specified page number. All we’re doing is printing the document to a file instead of to the printer.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Crashes about once every 2 export.


NSAttributed String A default header string that includes the print job title and date. The idea came from this this website. A Boolean value indicating whether the view can pass mouse down events through to its superviews. Please try submitting your feedback later.

Informs the client that nsvieww Ruler View allowed the user to move a Marker.

The nearest ancestor scroll view that contains the current view. Posted January 10, Layer Contents Redraw Policy Constants that specify how layer resizing is handled when a view is layer-backed or layer-hosting. Returns the currently focused NSView object, or nil if there is none.

Jon Hess — Oct 23, 07 See Also View Fundamentals. Background styles used with the background Style and interior Background Style properties. Locks the focus to the view atomically if the can Draw method returns true and returns the value of can Draw. Background Style Background styles used with the background Style and interior Background Style properties. Your view subclasses have several alternative approaches for displaying a contextual menu:. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view can pass mouse down events through to its superviews.

I’ll re-enable them soon. Full Screen Mode Option Key: I have to questions here. Pasteboard Type] The array of pasteboard drag types that the view can accept. NSEvent Informs the client that the user has pressed the mouse button while the cursor is in the ruler area of a Ruler View.


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the view depends on the constraint-based layout system. Requests permission for a Ruler View to remove a Marker. Didn’t realize you’ve already covered that. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view can become key view.

Hi socapex, I believe this was already fixed in the latest Beta 1. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view uses a flipped coordinate system. A view object defines a rectangular region for drawing and receiving mouse events.

Theocacao: Saving Cocoa View Contents to an Image File

Bool A Boolean value that determines whether the view needs to be redrawn before being displayed. Opting In to Auto Layout.

Bugs on Mac Search In. Aligning Views with Auto Layout.

Mac OS X Swift – resize image from NSView to disk

Displays the view and all its subviews if any part of the view has been marked as needing display. Returns the closest ancestor shared by the view and another specified view. I’m sorry about that Process: