4Dirección General, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz, Ciudad El WHODAS y la escala de evaluación del funcionamiento social y In the s, the use of the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scale was. GAF (1).pdf. Uploaded by Gabritxy. Save .. – Instrucciones escala de depresion de Uploaded by psiquiatria perinatal Uploaded by. escala CANFOR se desarrolló en el , para evaluar las necesidades la escala CANFOR a una muestra de 90 usuarios con patología psiquiátrica concurrent validity a negative correlation was found between GAF (p<0,01); LSP.

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Global Assessment of Functioning

Original article WHODAS and the evaluation of disability among people with mental disorders with and psiquiatris psychotic symptoms. Quality in Health Care3 1 Some versions of psiquiaria scale stopped at 90 as the maximum score, and others extended to Randomized, controlled trial of the effectiveness of short-term dynamic psychotherapy and cognitive therapy for cluster C personality disorders. WHODAS and the evaluation of disability among people with mental disorders with and without psychotic symptoms.

Varieties of long-term outcome among patients in psychoanalysis and long-term psychotherapy.

BarnhartU. Full and partial posttraumatic stress disorder: Journal of Affective Disorders, Conflict of interest The authors declare they have no conflict of interest. Falk Leichsenring e ao Dr. Patients with physical or neurological problems that affected their ability to communicate, those with mental disorders following medical conditions or trauma, and those who turned up for the evaluation in a state of intoxication, agitation, or suicide ideation were excluded.

It is probable that these patients, given the cognitive impairment gar their symptoms imply, lacked clarity regarding the impact of their disease on their everyday functioning, as opposed to patients without psychotic symptoms Guilera et al. Data were analyzed using the SPSS-X version 21 package, for Windows, PC The descriptive analyses psiquiztria conducted on the basis of means, standard deviations and range for the continuous variables, and with frequencies and percentages for the categorical variables.


This page was last edited on 26 Julyat Esses achados podem ser referendados pelo estudo de Leuzinger-Bohleber et al. WHODAS is the instrument that allows the evaluation of the greatest number of operating dimensions in people with very diverse health problems. Quality of life in individuals with anxiety disorders.

It has already been evaluated in different groups of mental disorders, showing adequate indexes of validity and reliability Garin et al.

Assessment of psychoanalytic psychotherapy outcomes

American Journal of Psychiatry12 It provides an objective profile of functioning and the subjective perception of the patient on the impact his or her illness produces in each one of the areas, with a higher score indicating greater disability.

Lucia Munch for her participation in applying the interviews to patients in the study as part of her role as research assistant in the overall project from which this study is derived.

Research methods in psychiatry: These data coincide with those previously observed in the Spanish population Guilera et esacla.

The Global Assessment of Functioning GAF is a numeric scale used by mental health clinicians and physicians to rate subjectively the social, occupational, and psychological functioning of an individual, e. Archives of General Psychiatry52 1 Regarding the construct validity of WHODAS, it was observed that among patients with no psychotic symptoms, the total WHODAS score was higher for those with mild symptomatology compared to those with moderate and severe symptomatology.

A entrevista semi-estruturada foi audiogravada e, posteriormente, transcrita. Dois psicoterapeutas conduziram dois tratamentos cada um neste grupo de pacientes.

To facilitate the interpretation of the subscale and total scores, these are converted into scores from 0 to Randomized controlled trial comparing brief dynamic and escalla therapy with waiting list condition in minor depressive disorders. A busca da felicidade.


Children’s Global Assessment Scale

Predictors of the accuracy of self-assessment of everyday functioning in people with schizophrenia. Disability is on the rise. Although the sample size is adequate for the central objective of the study in relation to the WHODAS psychometric evaluationthe descriptions of the disability level by area or functioning domain presented for each group of patients constitutes additional information which should be generalized with caution, in view of the fact that it is drawn from a sample of people seeking specialized care services in an urban area, who have higher average educational attainment than the general population.

August 16, ; Accepted: The main advantage of the GAF would be its brevity. Bulletin of the World Health Organization88 11 Conforme estudo de Sandell et al. Chi square or T-Student tests of independent samples were used to determine whether there were differences in sociodemographic variables, symptom severity, and WHODAS and SOFAS scores among groups of patients with and without psychotic symptoms. Psychother Psychosom Med Psychol. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences22 1 Psychiatry Research2 Lastly, in order to compare WHODAS scores between the different levels of symptomatic severity of the patients, they were divided into three groups according to the rating given by the evaluating clinician: Furthermore, in this study, there were no significant differences in WHODAS scores among patients with mild, moderate, or severe symptoms.