Adaptación, validación y normalización de la escala de autoconcepto de Piers- Harris para los/as niños/as puertorriqueño/as entre las edades de ocho a once. Escala de Autoconcepto Piers Harris · Escala de Autoconcepto de Tennessee ( Perfil) Descripción: Test de Autoestima Piers Harris y Tae Clases (1). Cardenal, V., & Fierro, A. (). Componentes y correlatos del autoconcepto en la escala de Piers-Harris. Estudios de Psicologia, 24,

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Child Development, 55, Development and validation of a measuring instrument for Burnout Syndrome in teachers.

Escala de Autoconcepto de Piers y Harris

Sumar autoconcept puntajes hzrris las 6 sub-escalas y dividir por 6, para obtener el puntaje promedio total de las sub-escalas para el inicio Calcular la diferencia de promedio de cada sub-escala respecto del promedio total sub-escalar. Figure 1 contains a graphic representation of the two-factor model of correlated factors, corrected through the liberation of these two errors M3Lsince this was found to be the best model for explaining the factorial structure of the AUSO.

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This opens up a number of new avenues for research, just as this view of social self-concept raises the need to study the relationships which exist between each of the dimensions and other psychological variables, such as social skills, social support and even social status. Nevertheless, the results found here provide empirical evidence supporting the two-factor proposal harriis responsibility and social competence with interrelated factors, which encompasses those aspects of social development which are necessary to obtaining a more comprehensive view of social self-perceptions.

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Assessing goodness of fit: Cut-off criteria for fit indices in covariance structure analysis: The role of academic self-concept and perceived social support. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 5, In relation to the latter approach, two variants emerged which associated social self-concept with either social acceptance or social competence.

Estilos de Apego y Autoconcepto.

La estructura del Cuestionario de Autoconcepto Social (AUSO)

Manual Self-concept Form A. Autoconcepto social; desarrollo social; instrumento de medida; fiabilidad; estructura factorial.

The configuration matrix resulting from the exploratory factor analysis is presented in Table 3. Dimensiones, medida y relaciones The social self-concept in adolescence and youth: Dimensions, measurement and relationships. The fit of each model was assessed using the most common combination of absolute and relative goodness-of-fit indexes Esnaola, Rodriguez, et al.

Self-concept in artistic domains: The construct validity for multidimensional self concept autoconcetpo by late adolescents. When the aim of an empirical piece of research is to study the factorial secala of a questionnaire based on exploratory and confirmatory analyses, the sample has to be divided into two random halves.

The multidimensional Self Concept Scale. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 11 3 All participants were assured that their hxrris would be completely anonymous, although they were not told what the purpose of the project was single blind in order to encourage them to be totally honest in their responses and to decrease the likelihood of the social desirability bias.

Informe Psicopedagógico by Michael Campos on Prezi

The reason for including a new dimension called social responsibility in social self-concept is linked to the fact that feeling accepted by others and feeling oneself to be socially competent do not globally reflect one’s perception of one’s social development. Social self-concept; social development; measuring instrument; reliability; factorial structure. La prueba proporciona perfiles que ilustran esta tendencia. Manual for the Self-Perception Profile for Children. In addition to providing a new measurement instrument with appropriate psychometric characteristics and valid criteria that justify its use in both applied practice and research, this study also enhances our understanding of the internal nature of the social domain of self-concept.


Journal of Educational Psychology, 76, Autoconcepto y ajuste psicosocial en la adolescencia The self-concept and psychosocial adjustment in adolescence. Thus, the instrument is a useful tool that enables a more precise identification of those students who experience difficulties in their social relations, in order to permit the design of appropriate prevention programs.

Defining psychosocial maturity in adolescence. Discussion Although interest in social self-concept is by no means a recent development, there is a distinct lack of studies attempting to demarcate its internal structure, or in other words, to elucidate the number and nature of the principal dimensions that account for said structure in a satisfactory manner. The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 14 1 Is parsimony always desirable?

Educational Psychologist, 20, The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 15 3 An exploratory factor analysis was therefore conducted on one half of the sample group using the iterated principal axis factoring approach with oblimin rotation.