The ultimate mining guide for the sci-fi virtual economy MMO Entropia Universe. Learn to mine and sign up now!. “I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe. Development started on the 21st May , with. Here we can post information about our tips and methods. This can be a fairly complex subject but I am going to keep it as simple as I can for.

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Dropping a probe every m range on an area in a particular pattern or shape is usually quite effective when mining on normal planet areas. For unamped Miningis a rule of thumb to have a bankroll of at least PED.

I use them all the rime on the F and they hardly break. In order to go deeper you will need enhancers attached to your finder or a better finder or both.

It will also create a backup copy of your config file in case it gets overwriten you should then copy the old values by hand leaving the new keys intact – Added more search locations for settings-ce.

Always only use a finder that you have maxed. This tool is for all of you, so your feedback is most welcome.

Mining guide for Entropia Universe

We recommend both reading this article and watching the video to gain a full understanding of mining in Entropia Universe. Treasure is only avalible on Planet Arkadia. For the starter tools the professional requirements are set to 0, so you automatically meet them.

Meaning, they look at the map and run a box around the dome then go through the center. That concludes the mining guide. Welcome to Miners Elite!!! This little screen is your finder HUD.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mining in Entropia Universe

Those of you who are advanced users will probably have more to say on the topic and that is great — just not here. This means that the majority of commonly used items, such as armor, weapons, tools and other items, are crafted. The best is to do every giude an affordable mining run.


If you search for all 3 different types you can get 1 deed for treasure, ores and energy matter. Range can also be affected by where you mine.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Minign.

Little Big Mining Log

The tool uses OCR image recognition on the mining claims you find to record their depth, size, type and position. There is no higher engropia of getting bigger or smaller claims depending of the area because the loot is changing randomly accross the whole universe. Agrash dropped loot with a value of PED on Araneatrox Young dropped loot with a value of PED on Leviathan Mature dropped loot with a value of PED on On 1st of March the public beta period begins and ended with Level amps are common and work well, I like terra amps too.

Added Arkadia Moon in the list indoor mining. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You can either use enhancers to increase your depth or your range.

Instead of paying 1 PED per bomb you drop. For example if u see only a few pages of caldo or narc it could be the good time to mine this areas. This is simply done by selecting which mineral types you are looking for. Haruto RatOct 15, The rest are high risk amps in my opinion but you should know that trying a 12 or 13 amp once in a while might get you one of those k all time hall of fame finds.

Even for melchi I put stacks of and on auc and they sell also and many others.


If you get a level VII claim volume: Full details available here: There are good and bad days of Loots in different professions, areasmobs hunt ,Items craft etc.

Then last and not least, the excavator. Yes, my password is: For example, if you have a range of 25 meters you need to move 50 meters before scanning again. You can now use: Fossil Tooth 5 p. It is also good to mention that you should always record a screen shot into a file folder on your computer with all the your info being displayed like time stamp info, area, and position info when you find a global or hall of fame claim which is a high value entropa as you will want to periodically check these spots again in the future.

You can search the forums and various mining tools for Entropia Universe to discover where other people have been mining. As is I don’t see anywhere in the yuide that mentions the Rookie finder.

Info: Leeloo’s Mining Guide

Excavator the tool to extract your claims Probes: First you need to know where to mine and what. Maybe they’ve changed, or maybe they do better on U finders, I think I only tried them on L. First of all is the core of every miners inventory when it comes to mining which is the finder. Using this method you should be able enttropia play consistantly and skill up your mining skills and evade skills without depositing. To find them you will need a tool to locate and find deposits underground, and another tool for extracting said deposits to the surface.

I’m having lots of fun developing it and interacting with the wonderful miner community of Enropia Universe.