In The Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th ed. 29 vols. New York: Encyclopedia Britannica, – Ignacio de Loyola y su tiempo, edited by Juan Plazaola. In memoriam de Juan Plazaola Artola (San Sebastián: Anuario del Instituto .. Historia de la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao: La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, ). 2 Cf. Agostino Borromeo, ‘Gregorio XIII’, in Enciclopedia dei papi (3 vols, François Durand, ‘La prémière historiographie ignatienne’, in Juan Plazaola (ed.) .

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Caja de Ahorros Popular de Valladolid, In the first, the essential bases are outlined: These commemorative books contain interesting photographs.

Among the historians who were hostile to Ignatius and his work were the orator Emilio Castelar —99 and the ex-Jesuit Miguel Mir — Temas de hoy, The most researched topics have been the following: The lengthy mining history of Navarre has created, particularly in the northern area, a real mining culture. Ediciones SM, Morata,2: Authorization was also granted to constitute the Potasas de Navarra, SA mining entity, with other foreign collaborating companies. It was a complicated time and the sources were few, but the primary challenge was the poor health of Castillo, who died in To change your settings please refer to our cookies policy.

History of mining in Navarre.


Segundo Ensanche (Pamplona) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Retrieved 17 June The new historians were not self-taught, but rather professionals. Lo plazqola fuimos, lo que somos Madrid: The professors or researchers of the second period were born at the end of the nineteenth century or the beginning of the twentieth.

He was a historian of all the periods of Spanish culture and as a consequence, all the centuries of the Society.

CSIC, and In recent years, the study of the restored Society has progressed in quantity, quality, and variety. Academia de Cine in Spanish. To the publication of sources as important as those indicated above, one must add an immense bibliography, which sheds much light on a previously little-known topic.

The scholars at the Plazaoka of Alicante have published important individual or collective books.

Blas Larraz, SI Rome: Congreso Internacional de Historia; Madrid 19—21 de noviembre de Santander: Ricardo Cappa, 3 vols. Palabras y fermentos — Madrid: Although recently there have been advances in the topics and points of view, there is still much to do in the study of mindsets, customs, political influences, Marian congregations and other associations, Jesuit and anti-Jesuit publications, enccilopedia sociology of students and devotees, the economic functioning of the communities, the sociology of vocations, the influence of p,azaola, spiritual direction and confession, missionary enthusiasm, and aid to foreign missionaries, etc.

In light of the results, it was decided to explore the potential potash area by means of three boreholes, one in Salinas de Pamplona, another in Olaz and the third in Guendulain. It collaborated decisively in the transformation from an agrarian to an industrial and service-led society, implementing organizational, engineering and internal services systems within the company, and became the first company in Navarre plazaolla implement computers and information technology.


History of mining in Navarre

The assessment of Spanish Jesuit historiography is generally satisfactory. Su espiritualidad y su mundo cultural Bilbao: In his Memorias, he tells us the details of the vicissitudes of the historian until his first volume came out: Ignacio Iparraguirre —73the great specialist in the Spiritual Exercisesdedicated a fundamental work to the practice of these from the time of Ignatius until the seventeenth century.

Under the mantle of the historian were often hidden the abilities of the old professor of rhetoric. Newspapers at the time paid special attention to the work being carried out in the mine.

Manuel Luengo, Memorias de un exilio: At the beginning of the decade, exploratory boreholes proliferated in Navarre, with twenty-one being carried out in just one year,