Sep 28, GW necessarily makes the FAQ/Errata with the tournament scene in mind, Could someone explain how this effects Eldar Webway Strike and. Eldar/Species Abilities/Outsider: Change this to. “+2DN to all Interaction tests with WRATH & GLORY CORE RULES ERRATA. September 10 Version 2. Jul 2, Now that 8th Edition’s been out a while, it’s time to get some things straight. Newly released from Games Workshop–a huge new list of errata.

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That fix you mentioned allowed them to at least have the Krieg tag and be taken as generic Veterans with Krieg regiment rules. It’s a little silly. I’m not happy with the CP increase, but being able to put real power in reserve makes a huge difference in how our assaults play out.

Successor chapters can’t use founding chapters Warlord Traits. But those points have to come from somewhere, and if my opponent is spending another couple hundred on a brigade it means that’s a couple hundred not going elear wards BA or Knight upgrades. I did a quick search to see if anyone else has discussed this with no luck. Major changes to deepstrike, character targeting, CP, army building and matched play.

Clearly the Emperor’s will is to sell Repulsors. Most of the time they erratw think they are doing you a favor pointing out your mistake in choosing that faction. It sucks for assault armies, but deep striking turn 2 doesnt hurt that much. Still, the fact that something that basic has gone unfixed for 2 years now is really troubling Thankfully my group of players has done the same, we have a laundry list of house ruled stuff for my Kriegers.


New 8th Edition FAQ and Errata – Bell of Lost Souls

The fact that you have to ally tyranids and imperial guard is lame. Knight updates Astra Militarum: Wargear clarifications as per the SM codex. Armorium cherub can not be resurrected with a narthecium if used to reload. Good point, you’re probably right.

Boneswords only grant 1 extra attack eerrata of number.

I guess you’re right, it does reward those who are smart enough to figure out how best to utilise the hundreds of tools now at our disposal Swift strike burst cannons are instead the old, weaker profile for the old points. I absolutely agree that the list will have to change a bit, epdar that the CP hit is still quite significant.

Guess they don’t care about casual gamers anymore. Also fuck this having to wait 10 minutes before posting again bullshit. A- yes, treat such units as they are arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements” That was always the argument, you can’t warptime your dark matter crystal’d tzaangors because they count as reinforcements according to that clause in the faq.


Masque of Midnight Sorrow’s 6″ consolidate is now laughably nerfed. I erraha play Harlequins, and it’s a tactic I’ve used plenty of times given the amount of games Eldad played. More news after IK’s launches. We can’t do that now on foot for the most partwhich is where we ultimately need to be.

Unfortunately this just seems to be another example of GW slapping down assault armies, because battle cannons sell and hundreds of lasguns sell more than chainswords Not you specifically, but the fact they are only playable that way is lame.

Errata – My CMS

They’re one of my two main armies in 8th, and I have a pretty good record with them. Want to add to the discussion? Well, good thing I didn’t paint them I guess. Stimulant Injector stratagem overwrites wargear. For a few months people rolled for their units. Submit a new text post. If you list them as raven guard you’re erfata. I will order an Elysian army pronto. Sure is funny that they didn’t address the soup list that ran the tournament but instead made it harder to run a mono list than ever.


If the castellan was that good on it’s own pure knights would have been competitive This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k.

Space Marine Scouts still work just fine. Will probably do so in chapter approved. Even if rhinos barely fit regular marines, a 2ft taller primaris should be able to kneel and take the space of 2 regular marines at very worst. That was one of the very few model outlets I was unaware of. I’ve wanted to run a Hades in a penal “construction” style legion for a while. Theses stratagems where a big issue in the competitive scene, they got adressed.

This is just balance adjustments for obvious issues. Can we use abilities to move after being redeployed? Xenos 1 Forge World: Other clarifications Death Guard: This errata is just a clarification of how we all were supposed to be playing already. My DKK army straight up fucking sucks and has for a long time. Lots of clarifications to spore mines. It doesn’t do them any favors, obviously, but shelving them is a hilarious overreaction.