to Google Play Now». Egipteanul. Front Cover. Mika Waltari. Kempen University Library Bibliographic information. QR code for Egipteanul. Title, Egipteanul. Egipteanul Mika Waltari. 41 likes. Book. Egipteanul Mika Waltari. Book. 41 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. The Egyptian: A Novel (Rediscovered Classics) [Mika Waltari, Naomi Walford, Lynda S. Robinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Other shared themes are the futility of everything, and the suffering brought by knowledge. In egipteaunl preamble of the Arabic translation of The Egyptian he relates that he had read numerous books about ancient Egypt but none had come close to Waltari’s novel.

I wouldn’t recommend this book for people under We see, feel, smell, and taste Waltari’s Egypt.

Refresh and try again. This stigma he had gained for perceived overproductivity, superficiality and looseness of style; [7] for his popular erotic flavouring in clearly-told stories; [61] and not conforming to the “Great Tradition” of Finnish literature patriotic, realistic depiction of the struggles of poor yet courageous Finns with nature and society favoured by critics at the time.

The problem with this template is that the character can easily become too passive, wltari the author has to be careful to not be too counter-factual.

Egipteanul – Mika Waltari – Google Books

He became a member of the Finnish Academy in and received an honorary doctorate at the University of Turku in Helsingin Sanomat in Finnish. In connection with this event, Sinuhe meets a young Cretan woman named Minea, recently acquired to the king’s harem.

He notices, however, that the Egyptian sovereignty in the area has now begun to be questioned and threatened. It has been claimed that he also suffered from insomnia and depression, sometimes to the extent of needing hospital treatment. Lists with This Book. Given that our distance to the events of the 14th century BC is so big that we only know of the major contours of the events, one would think that the choice of setting would give Waltari plenty of freedom to insert Sinuhe as an active protagonist, but still, even when Sinuhe ultimately does act with historical consequences, it’s only as a tool for other characters’ machinations.


A Swiss researcher complained that a sand flea species mentioned didn’t exist in Africa until it migrated via slave ships. It’s a rich book, a bawdy book, a book that carries one to distant shores and makes one feel an onlooker as was Sinuhe. Critics had been concerned that Waltari might have played fast and loose with historical events, but this article dispelled these doubts and laid ground to the novel’s reputation of almost mythical accuracy.


It was first published in Finnish inand in an abridged English translation by Naomi Walford infrom Swedish rather than Finnish. See all 4 questions about Egipteanul…. Among Czechs, The Egyptian and Waltari’s oeuvre enjoy immense, “cult-like” popularity. During my life I have seen, known, and lost too much to be the prey of vain dread; and, as for the hope of immortality, I am as weary of that as I am of gods and kings.

He lamented the fact that it was translated from English instead of directly egiptteanul Finnish, and exclaimed: Waltari had long been interested in Akhenaten wltari wrote a play about him, Akhnaton, auringosta syntynyt Akhnaton, Born of the Sunwhich was published in It’s also in Thebes where the final battle takes place.

There were so many interesting characters in the book you didn’t get to know very well. Huugo Jalkanen of Uusi Suomi and Lauri Viljanen of Helsingin Sanomat said that the novel was no mere colourful retelling of history, but was relevant to the current mka shaped by the events of recent years. After a particularly violent public incident, Akhenaten, fed up with opposition, leaves Thebes with Sinuhe to middle Egypt where a new capital, Akhetatendedicated to Aten, is built.


The Egyptian – Wikipedia

Other books in the series. That Akhenaton was a fool or a genius? Of the kika supporting characters, Horemheb is the one who made the fullest impression as a real person. Tytti This is the whole book.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. At the same time, it also carries a pessimistic message of the essential sameness of human nature throughout the ages. The Swedish translation by Ole Torvalds was published in lateabridged with Waltari’s approval.

Through him, the worldviews represented by other characters are experienced and evaluated, and during his character arc he is able to internalise much of these aspects, combining idealism and realism. The similarities between the warlike Hittites and Nazi Germany include their Lebensraum project, fast sudden warfare or Blitzkrieguse of propaganda to weaken the enemy, and worship of health and power while disdaining the sickly and weak.

Retrieved 6 May While an endearing character, he’s endowed with near-superhuman powers of gainful craftiness, cunning industry, and an uncanny ability to invest. Ashamed and dishonored, Sinuhe arranges his adoptive parents to be embalmed and buries them in the Valley of the Kings they had taken their lives before evictionafter which he decides to go to exile in the company of Kaptah to Levantwhich was under Egyptian rule at the time. It took him 30 years to find some Arabic copies, from Beirut.

He argues that by this Waltari anachronistically utilizes literature from after the story’s setting, and that it demonstrates the parallelism of the two religions: