Luttwak’s become the unthinkable. And here he has succeeded magnificently. For peacemakers and warmakers alike”. — Harry G. Summers, Jr., New York. If Edward Luttwak does not always persuade, he always provokes. In this superb book, one that will become a classic of strategy, he does both. He may. Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace rev. and enlarged ed. by Edward N. Luttwak Cambridge, MA: The Belknap. Press of Harvard University Press,

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It’s Luttwak’s idea that strategy is being constantly practiced. Recognize that every victory comes at a high enough cost that an immediate subsequent defeat is possible.

It can appear when a seemingly unreasonable decision results in the best potential outcome, as seen in Hannibal’s determination to march over the Alps, which proved incredibly costly, yet it surprised Romans, leaving them unable to use their capabilities to their full potential. This book assumed that the reader has extensive knowledge of the majority of the major conflicts in the 20th Century and their leaders.

He discusses the pros and cons of using the element of surprise, the irrationality of over-expenditures on nuclear weapons, over-preparation, implementing new technologies, being over or under cautious. Having participated in its planning, Luttwak examines the role of air power in the Gulf War, then detects the emergence of “post-heroic” war in Kosovo in an American war in which not a single American soldier was killed.

It can appear when more advanced technology yields a worse result because it discourages the enemy. In the preface, Luttwak explains: Also, I’m pretty sure that the author doesn’t know what the word “paradox” means.


Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace by Edward N. Luttwak

CzadaReinhard Zintl No preview available – These case studies and historical examples lend themselves to a quasi-social scientific framework reminiscent of Neustadt and May.

Because epace is inevitable, peace is merely a precursor to future engagements. Luttwak notes that these factors are realities of human existence, but still historians should view each conflict as unique in its own right.

It is a survey of how wars are won and lost, and Luttwak manages to draw essential lessons out of every example, all the while peppering the work with his own dry, Clauswitz-ian wit.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Feb 04, Dale rated it it was ok Shelves: Return to Book Page. Luttwak’s reasoning is enlightening and worth listening to. Luttwak’s consideration if his subject it exhaustive.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace – Edward N. Luttwak – Google Books

Interesting book covering Grand strategy: The former discusses the point that by interrupting conflicts and peacs peace treaties to be signed before the war reaches its natural end, we are only prolonging the conflict steategy letting all sides rearm. The Logic of War and Peace Strategy: A Case for Rebel Victory? The author considers the use of the availability of force as a tool of persuasion, where it is effective, and where it is not.

My favourite section, however, is Chapter 4, where Luttwak describes reasons why democratic leaders make for terrible war commanders, writing that the necessity for transparency, the duty to explain actions to civilians, and the desire to be re-elected contradict the paradoxical logic of warfare. The first paragraph of the last chapter of this book on strategy some a up Grand Strategy nicely: Evward 06, Phoenix rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 29, Henry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Luttwak presents as a central thesis that all war and peace is paradoxical.


Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace

This example of paradox is simply the first of many from a world history rich with conflict. Nov 02, James Murphy rated it it was amazing. Sometimes the best tech is the lowest; every tech will meet a countertech and your super-advanced modern wonder might be undone by something cheap and off-the-shelf.

The long term message: Strategy is an ever-present condition whenever there are relations between nations, whether friendly or hostile. I believe I learned more from reading these pages than any book I’ve read recently.

The Logic of War and Peace. Other lutgwak – View all Strategy: Jon-Erik rated it it was amazing Mar 06, One of the paradoxes of war, he tells us, is that it creates peace by destroying the means necessary to engage in combat.

He is a game theorist in his own right, too, but with an understanding of the irrationality of the game. It’s like borders, like strstegy distinctions of languages, it always exists.