Rune Word Catcher.: Board: Serverlist Tools:: Rune Word Catcher:: Annihilus Calculator:: About. English · French · German · Polish. Runes. El, Sol, Mal. When the rune word is completed, it looks much like a unique item with the Lord of Destruction, and can not be created in classic Diablo II. The following is a list of weapon rune words in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. The existing bonuses on weapons persist after adding the Rune Word and may.

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You can use any sword that has four sockets, such as a Broad Sword or Long Sword. The best Diablo II runewords for a Druid: In terms of armour, Enigma is very useful runeword for a Barbarian in Diablo II as it bestows teleportation, letting a Barbarian get close enough to do some damage.

These Runewords can only be created by B. There are 78 runewords rumeword total. What rune words can I build at lower levels? The best Diablo II runewords for a Sorceress: As Rune Words only work in certain item categories, it’s helpful to know exactly what each one means. diabllo

Venom ‘ Tal Dol Mal ‘. This is my favorite site – https: Retrieved from ” https: For a more detailed view, you can check the Runewords article on the diablo 2 wiki. I know of Stealth TalEthbut the words on the Arreat Summit aren’t listed by level, rather alphabetically.

All Unique Throwing Weapons Exceptional: There are also options that are more common and can work urneword for specific classes. Our Top 3 favourite Diablo 2 Cosplays so far.


White is a really powerful runeword for the Necromancer using Poison and Bone skills, it provides tons of stats and you can even sock it in a Wand which has already bonus Skills like to Bone Spear.

The Arreat Summit – Items: Rune Words

Fortitude is a very nice piece of armour for shape shifting druids as it provides you with additional enhanced damage and it has a chance to give you extra defence when casting the lkst armour.

You need the right patch for the formulae to work. All Unique Maces Normal, 1H: Server Information There are users in 51 games.

This is because you’re trying to spell the “Rune Word” correctly and you have spelled it incorrectly. This special order of runes is known as a runeword. Brand ‘ Jah Lo Mal Gul ‘. About Diablo Runewodr Disclaimers Mobile view. Recipe is given by Qual-Kehk as a reward for completing the second quest in Act Five. Rune Words must be inserted into the correct item for the formula in the correct order. You can have the correct Socketed item, correct runes and still not activate the Rune Word if you do not socket the Runes in the correct order.

Insight ‘ Ral Tir Tal Sol ‘.

This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Black ‘ Thul Io Nef ‘.

A Bow or Crossbow is a ranged weapon and is not in this category. Not all Mace-class weapons can be used. Lawbringer ‘ Amn Lem Ko ‘. Diablo Hellfire Tomb of Knowledge Visit my homepage.


Although several weapon types are labeled “Mace Class”, only the following weapons, and their exceptional and elite versions, are maces. Look at the rune list for information on how to get the right runes. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Be careful when using Rune Words formula with the runes I o and L o, as it’s easy to confuse the two at a glance. If these conditions are not met, the rune word will not be oist and the player has potentially wasted the runes in question on a useless item.

Complete 1.07 Runeword List

If the runes are inserted incorrectly, only the inherent bonuses of the three runes will be applied:. You cannot insert a Rune Word into magical, rare, set or unique item. The benefits of using a Rune Word is that you can make the Rune Word’s magical bonuses apply to any type of item allowed with the proper number of sockets.

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Rune Word Catcher

Be sure you read all of this page including the bottom page notes for complete information. Be sure to put it in a fast weapon as it has no IAS. Two of them are your Act Diabo quest reward.