Translation of ‘Der Doppelgänger’ by Franz Schubert from German to English. Nov. 1 Schubert: “Doppelgänger” ), “Der Doppelgänger”, Monat Mai: dreimal sieben Lieder nach Schumann und Schubert, no. Songs. Der Doppelgänger Dm Du Doppelgänger! du bleicher Geselle! first published by Gollancz and reprinted in the Hyperion Schubert Song Edition.

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This simple harmonic progression, schubbert the piano part consisting almost entirely of block chords, dominates the song and does much to give it its feeling of inexorability, and its brief abandonment displaced by a succession of increasingly dissonant chords at the climax of the song signals the frantic horror of the poet.

The first path is governed by the force of the missing C natural.

An die Sonne D. I realize, of course, that the pitch A is present in the harmonic and melodic forms of the B-minor scale, and that a major dominant triad is a commonplace diatonic chord in both major and minor keys. Years ago I sat outside on the roof of ROE listening to U2 coming across the city from Murrayfield it was a west wind.

Lied eines Kindes D. This type of missing note is referred to by Leonard Meyer— as a structural gap. This file is part of the Gaylord Library Mirroring Project.

Daphne am Schuber D.

Der Doppelgänger (Franz Schubert) – ChoralWiki

Auf dem See D. This document and all portions thereof are protected by U. Structural gap showing missing pitch C in opening motive click to enlarge Example 4. New York University Press. The first and only root-position dominant does not appear until measure The cshubert is the late great Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.


On a larger scale, the opening chord demarcates doppelgnegr dichotomy between the tonalities of B major and B minor. Maynard Solomonportrays Schubert as part of a very intimate circle of male friends engaged in same-sex erotic activities that were socially unacceptable in 19th-century Vienna. Abends unter der Linde D.

MTO Code, Listening for Schubert’s “Doppelgängers”

Views Read Edit View history. Major third lower, in g minor CPDL Die Liebe hat gelogen D. Likewise, prior to the end, each time the note E appears in the piano which is not frequently it is part of a dominant-function chord.

In the beginning of the second stanza, the vocal line reveals two more chords: Hence, the subdominant asserts its literal role as the under-dominantor fifth below the tonic. Du liebst mich nicht D.

For the film, see The Double film. The Ghostly Double The night is quiet, the streets are silent, My beloved lived in this house; She left the town a long time ago, But the house still stands in the same place.

From an outcast in the society of his own rich uncle, he was transformed into a leading literary personality, and he became acquainted with many of the prominent people of his time.

In dfr first stanza measures 5—24virtually no action takes place in either the poem or the music. Henry Litolff’s Verlagn. Individually, however, none of the chords are complete, hence each dyad potentially implies more than one harmony see Example 2.


Der Doppelgänger

However, as of measure 2, it is still possible to consider the piece in B major due to the tonal ambiguity of the first measuremaking it conceivable for the missing note to be a D. Auf dem Strom D. Transformation of dominant into subdominant.

Nach einem Gewitter D. Der Vater mit dem Kind D. I shudder when I behold his face; The moon reveals to me my own likeness.

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Gesang der Norna D. Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren D. Der Hirt auf dem Felsen. Die junge Nonne D.

Der Doppelgänger (Franz Schubert)

I could have listened from my garden if the roof had been open: A man stands there also and looks to the sky, And wrings his hands, overwhelmed by pain: Die vier Weltalter D. Lied aus deg Ferne D. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Within the particular harmonic language created by this piece, however, this interpretation seems possible.

Memoirs by His Friends trans.