Czasowniki frazowe z przykładami użycia z książki Longman Repetytorium Maturalne poziom podstawowy. Matura Wydawnictwo Pearson. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni czasownik frazowy. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni przyimek bądź partykułę tak, by uzyskać pasujący do kontekstu czasownik frazowy.

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Do you want me to put them back on the shelves?

The refugee ached for his homeland. These figures don’t add up right. Pobierz w formacie PDF. I bent down to tie my shoe.

Test z angielskiego: Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe cz. 4

We booked into the hotel in the morning. He bashed out his essey and got a lousy mark. I hate to put you outbut I need a ride to the train station and hope you can take me. They backed up my story.

We bedded down at After returning home, they pitched into food – they hadn’t had a decent meal for 2 weeks. When the snake got closer he quickly backed away.

You can’t back out now. I have to be at the concert and meet the band – I can’t let such an opportunity czzsowniki me by. She has been bashing away at her assignment all day. The whole office was buzzing with rumours about their affair. They are off for the whole summer. This house will be blasted away the next day.


Testy i Ćwiczenia – czasowniki frazowe 2

Her allergies acted up again. He is out to get you. Reporters banged away at the president during the press conference. Oferta dla stron WWW. The test is tomorrow. You should be ashamed of teasing your little brother, Bob! They blanked out the passage so that ffazowe could read it. They will answer for their deeds. I bend over backwards for you and you don’t appricate it.

The party guests acted out stories for one another. When Ella heard that she’d won a million dollars, she was so shocked that she passed out. I bent over to tie my shoe. Will you help me put them away?

She acted on his advice. Students shouldn’t answer back when reprimanded.

Ćwiczenia leksykalne – części mowy i inne – Czasowniki frazowe – Czasowniki frazowe z OUT

My trip to Chicago didn’t pan out. They decided to bed down for the night. Pole wymagane Niepoprawny adres e-mail. I’m fed up with these phrasal verbs. Pick on someone your own size!

  ASTM D6641 PDF

He was beat up by a bunch of hooligans. Everyone in the room needs one of these information sheets. Get off with – Have casual sex with Get on – Continue doing something – Enter a bus, train, plane, etc.

He tried to block out the accident permanently.

He was in on this robbery. They block up our way to the garage. She asked me in for coffee. The children just drank the last of the milk. They bashed up the speaker for the remarks he made.

Roll up – To appear in large numbers frazoew an event Roll up! The racket blasted off and was on its way to the Moon.