INFORMATION SECURITY (CS) TWO MARK QUESTIONS AND .. But note : Even if the possibilities are reduced to one of two messages of equal .. SECURITY TME: am – am SUB CODE: CS CLASS / SEM: ME / I . NE Networking And Information Security Notes. Click Below Links to CP Advanced Operating System Notes. CLICK BELOW LINK. SE Object Oriented Software Engineering NOTES CLICK BELOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS NETWORK SECURITY NOTES.

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CP – High Performance Computer Networks – JUNE question paper (Type version)

A hash value computed on a canonical representation of the CA’s Distinguished Name. A session key is a cryptographic key associated with the communication itself.

What is Malicious code? The relationships between execution of nktes instructions and the classes of the variables are as follows. Confidentiality is the concealment of information or resources.

What is a Capability table? What are the multiple layers of Security? The manner in which the resource is shared controls which subjects can send and receive information using that shared resource.

Whenever the user accesses the system, Fingerprints – Fingerprints can be scanned optically, but the cameras needed are bulky.


It is a software application that provides cryptographic key management services. Detection of Covert Channels – Covert channels require sharing. How do worms differ from viruses? Explain Risk assessment in detail. Briefly explain the components of an information system and their security. Which community of interest usually takes the lead in Information security risk informagion Explain about the Nonlattice Information Flow Policies.

State the four phases of an incident response?

What is Firewall Subnet? Solutions to this problem must meet the following criteria. The Internet infrastructure handles these conflicts with a Distinguished Name conflict detection database. Describe the critical characteristics of information.

RSA is an exponentiation cipher. What are the three general categories of unethical and illegal behaviour? It is the entire planning conducted by the organization to prepare for, react to, and recover from events that threaten the security of information and information assets in the organization. In the security industry, these systems are also known as decoys, lures, or flytraps.


Availability is an important aspect of reliability as well as of system design because an unavailable system is at least as bad as no system at all. The need for keeping information secret arises from the use of computers in sensitive fields such as government and industry. Newer Post Older Post Home. Differentiate Preventive and Detective controls. Explain about RSA algorithm. List any two IDS. This signature is believed to be unique in the same way that written wecurity are unique.


It is a detailed description of activities that occur during an attack. We opt for a more liberal approach, in which the language constructs specify the set of classes from which information may flow into the variable.

Discuss some of the popular cryptographic algorithms. What are the commonly accepted information security Principles?

It is the process of identifying, assessing and evaluating the levels of risk facing the organization. What are the 2 versions of IDS? That is, for l L, l: What is Public key infrastructure certificate notees Short note on Copying and Amplifying Capabilities. The results of the analysis may lead to changes in the data being recorded, to detection of some event or problem, or both.