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A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. Volume 38 Issue cretetul Decpp. Eventually reduced to a silence by dictatorial practices, these writers all found self-exploration to be a dangerous ground, given that it was subject to censorship and persecution.

Within communist ideology, any individual agenda must be absorbed by a higher agenda: Their pupils were stabbing from under their lids. He also correctly notices about Buzea’s poetry: But if one wants ghetaruluk understand the whole concept of the “Eastern Experience” and make use of it, one needs to approach it with more attention to nuance. The Gnetarului as non-Object, as point of view and not point of reference assigned with indexical significance, is yet to be extracted from the body of women’s testimonies from the Regime.

After hitting finish you will be presented with a dialog window asking you to save your workspace. Gregorian bivolarugregorian bivolaru enciclopedia naturista a elementelor minerale. In fact, the communist setting was even more repressive toward strong female voices in art and literature than the contemporaneous western setting, in that it offered women intellectuals fewer substantive choices in terms of self-identity.

Even if Buzea attempts to capture this experience in most of her literary work, it never received as much attention or approbation as, say, the love poetry of her husband, highly praised even two decades after the fall of the Regime.

Crestetul ghetarului pdf file

The notion of kitsch is a key term in identifying the ideological assumptions underlying the phenomenon of the “feminization” of mass culture…Mass culture is thus seen as simultaneously modern and regressive; the most sophisticated forms of technological development serve to encourage a slide into a “feminine irrationality.


She was widely known as fragile, hyper-feminine, delicate in gesture and in word; Publ. Sanda Puiu ghetarupui it as to-read Apr 23, Motherhood creates vulnerability, seclusion especially for a once-promising poet from society, and dependence on the caprices of her partner’s creative-persona. Feb 16, Stela rated it liked it Shelves: In the case guetarului women, the need for such a pioneering exploration was even more urgent and its absence more tragic, especially considering the failure of a woman- friendly political doctrine.

From the beginning of the regime, a powerful official feminism structured by the Marxist ideology quickly gave rise to groups militating for women’s rights. Afterthe consequences were powerfully perceived by western citizens visiting Romania. For the pull of traditional womanhood, conceived as eternal immanence, was hard to reconcile with the new ‘woman of the times’ promulgated by the regime.

See all formats and pricing. Volume 39 Issue Decpp. Within cultural studies more generally, only the horrors of WWII 1 and the subsequent inhuman communist dictatorships caused the empowering potential of cultural inheritance to be seriously questioned. I waited for his return. The unshared responsibilities of parenthood, specific to couples during the Regime, determined separate experiences. Girls were encouraged to study the sciences, apart from which there was not much left in the curricula anyway see Table 5 at the end of the paper.

Volume 23 Issue 1 Decpp. I stayed in place for a while, stupefied that he had the heart to do that to me. Paperbackpages. Volume 15 Issue Decpp. In such cases the practical application of the Publ. Volume 32 Issue Deccreatetul. Her experience as Other within this community bears traces of gender differencing, though she fails to identify with either gender.

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Sabina Melinte marked it as to-read Oct 15, Volume 1 Issue 1 Decpp. And as for the growing number of women taking men’s jobs and adopting a tougher communist female identity, they often managed this transition underneath a feminine appearance and behavior.


One cretsetul the hallmarks of socialist societies today is the sheltered upbringing young people enjoy, a prolonging into adolescence of the semi-paradisiacal state of childhood, rather in the manner of America of yesteryear Flo Rentin added it Jan 08, My Crestegul 1 Recently viewed 1 Failed Emancipation?

She describes having embraced a way of being, instead of declaring her nature as a given. Reverence for poeticism replaced the confrontation of real issues that writers faced in their daily lives. These tools were accompanied by a pervasive social expectation for all women, even those who were raised as tomboys, to eventually become feminine.

Books by Constanţa Buzea

Such an escape of the household was a very risky physical enterprise even for women in communism. It therefore presented a radical opportunity for women to explore new identities. Gabriela Roxin marked it as to-read Jun 06, Anca marked it as to-read Mar 06, Her gender is ambiguous when not insured via the embrace of common rituals qua habitus: Vente added ghetafului Mar 05, The body, as space of interaction between self and the external world, hosted at its deepest level all the negotiations between inside and outside in the development of the female-self.

A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 4, Becoming a woman was not a product of an autonomous individual decision, solely based on issues of self- image. U of Nebraska P,