Chairil Anwar was one of the famed figures of the “ Generation,” that group of luminaries who brought heat and light to Indonesian literature in the. Latest and most complete edition of Aku Ini Binatang Jalang digital Book by Chairil Anwar on – EN. Latest and most complete edition of Aku ini Binatang Jalang digital Book by Chairil Anwar on – EN.

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Kalau sampai waktuku ‘Ku mau tak seorang ‘kan merayu Tidak juga kau Io Tak perlu sedu sedan itu Aku ini binatang jalang Dari kumpulannya terbuang Olahraga Biar peluru menembus kulitku Aku tetap meradang menerjang Luka ajwar bisa kubawa berlari Berlari Hingga hilang pedih perih Dan aku akan lebih tidak peduli Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi!

Aku Ini Binatang Jalang

Jassin, Hans Bague The results the study about metaphor in the poetries of Aku Ini Binatang Jalang collection as this follows. Djamin, Nasjah; LaJoubert, Monique Sebuah Pertemuan [ Chairil Anwar: Retrieved 30 September Based on the result of data analysis, it generates the following conclusions: Views Read Edit View history. The approach used in this study is semiotic approach.


If my time has come I don’t want anyone to beg Not even you I don’t need that sniveling!

This analysis to helping students found useless metaphor in the poetries of Aku Ini Binatang Jalang coleection; 2 Advice for a teacher to choose the literature to be the matery that connected with an useless metaphor to show the feel of students to undesrstanding of meaning from thirteen poetries of Aku Ini Binatang Jalang.

Indonesian poetry poems Indonesian language Indonesian literature.

View original from jurnal. Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Untan. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat This study aimed to general description of literature study, especially metaphor. To help students looking for the others matery who connected with style ibnatang or metaphor.

Founded some things have a connected with spiritual substance like a senses jxlang a parts of verse poetries in universal meaning. Handbuch der Orientalistik [ Handbook of Orientalistics ].

A Meeting ] in Indonesian. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages.

JOBLESS BOSS: Aku Ini Binatang Jalang (Chairil Anwar)

It reflects his individualistic nature and vitality. Hadzarmawit Netti, the title “Aku” emphasizes Anwar’s individualistic nature, while the temporary title “Semangat” reflects his vitality. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Source of data in this study are thirteen poetries of Aku Ini Binatang Jalang collection. This study used documentary binstang and the main instrument is a researcher.

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Chairil Anwar (Author of Aku Ini Binatang Jalang)

Indonesian literary scholar Arief Budiman notes that “Aku” reflects Anwar’s hcairil, that others should not care for him oni he does not care for others. I’m but a wild animal Exiled even from his own group Even if bullets pierce my skin I will still enrage and attack Wounds and poison I’ll take running Running Until the pain leaves And I will care even less I want to live a thousand more years.

The research was conducted using qualitative description method. According to Timorese scholar of Indonesian literature A.