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Schriftelijke vragen van leden van het Europees Parlement en de antwoorden van instellingen van de Europese Unie.

Misuse of corporate power by the Spanish state.

Another scandalous case of EU funds being paid to the mafia. Member States’ best practices in the field of physical education.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Estimated payment requests for per policy area and per fund. Estimated payment requests for by Member State. Composition of RALs between and Estimated RAL projection for the first quarter of Independent Belarusian journalist under threat of deportation. Authorisation for genetically modified fish. Stassen to the Commission.

Financial austerity policy vatalogo the American approach. EU measures to combat terrorism and fight crime. Further questions regarding Dutch fees for residence permits.

BlackSeed Productions Store

Hungarian legislation on the lease and sale of land. Acquisition of agricultural land by EU citizens. Use of neonicotinoid pesticides in agriculture. Measures to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever. Radioactivity levels of salt imported from Ukraine. Temporary restrictions imposed on the free movement of Romanian workers. Romania’s use of EU funds in the second half of Law on strategic investment projects of the Republic of Croatia.

Lack of transparency in financial bailout decisions. Application of the VAT Directive to life-saving organisations. European Intergovernmental Organisations being sidelined in EU research planning. European programmes to combat unemployment in Greece. Assessment of joint custody at European level. Requirements for mobile antennae and telephone networks. Right to information in Spain in respect of the Eurovegas project.


Todos Los Productos

Europe for Citizens, Measure 1. Commission support for technical innovation in the automotive industry. The Commission should monitor American hedge funds in the EU.

Productoa for the Commission to review its parameters on pesticides. Discrimination against women ctalogo Spanish pension legislation. Mortality due to privatisations in Eastern Europe. Implementing free software in the European institutions.

Expiry of the right to an accrued Dutch State Pension. Artificial guts made of hardened festrr. Artificial guts made from hardened protein II. Poland’s traffic enforcement camera cattalogo.

Using statistical data to negotiate and allocate the Structural Funds. Portuguese flag at the Eurogroup meeting. Reprogramming of the European Fisheries Fund — Portugal. Restrictions on the import and private ownership of endangered species. Skate and ray fishing cahalogo Portugal II. Closure of public health night services in Castilla-La Mancha. The Commission’s position on water privatisation. Crisis countries should privatise their water supplies and water industries.

Margo Jewish Cemetery in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus. Rise in abortion of female foetuses in Europe. Problems with the Fyra service on the Belgian and Dutch railways. Proposal for an international cooperation agreement with southern hemisphere countries to exchange fire-fighting resources. Free movement of professionals and recognition of the legal profession in the Member States. Negotiations on the progress of the Posting of Workers Directive. Children in Senegal subjected to begging and abuse.

Ineffective drugs and excessive consumption of medicinal products. Organ donations and transplants: Anti-discrimination legislation as an EU access requirement: Support for the expansion of European enterprises. Young entrepreneurs and the success of the Erasmus first job programme. Lack of competitiveness of European enterprises. Internationalisation of European enterprises.

Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship. Dissemination and study of the great books of European culture. False advertising regarding the effects of cosmetics.


European Maritime Day — promotion and visibility. Active European Remembrance against prodcutos. European day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism. The survival, promotion and future of the arts in Europe. Effects of austerity policies on health. Caralogo tax on employed and self-employed persons in Ireland.

Major reduction in the funding of science in Spain. Potential for a serious negative impact on medical and scientific research of the Data Protection Regulation.

Graph Search and intrusions into private life. Sony must be the subject of an investigation. Facebook searches through personal messages.

Extent of firearm possession in the EU.

Humanitarian crisis in Mali: Additional information on Task Force for Greece expenses. Hidden charges for mobile applications.

Obstacles to obtaining residence visas for European citizens in Brazil. Ensure the reopening of the Canfranc-Pau international railway line in Co-financed major works and bridge works in Greece. Rural development — involvement of local communities. Destruction of nature area in Commune of Livera-Kormakiti in Cyprus. Environmental destruction in the community of Livera.

Socially fair development of Renewable Energy Policy in the internal energy market. European budgetary rules and the establishment of national budgetary mechanisms catqlogo the Member States. Impact of neonicotinoids on bee health. The effects of pesticide use on the bee population.

Concerns regarding the Barbosa e Almeida Vidro Company. IMF error regarding the effects of austerity in Europe. Provisions concerning produdtos qualitative status of water courses in the Water Framework Directive. The EU’s strategy for the Horn of Africa. Intellectual property rights to genetic resources and biopiracy. Information and consultation for workers in the event of restructuring. Promotion of public transport in Poland.

Status of accredited assistants at the European Parliament.

Welsh Government’s proposal to purchase Cardiff Airport.