The Family of Pascual Duarteby Camilo José CelaTHE LITERARY WORK A novel By Cela was hard at work on The Family of Pascual Duarte, his writing. Cela was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in October , and this novel is considered by many to be his masterpiece. It is the story of an ignorant. The Family of Pascual Duarte (Spanish: La Familia de Pascual Duarte) is a novel written by Spanish Nobel laureate Camilo José Cela.

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Contrary to government hopes and expectations, the vote became a negative reaction to constitutional monarchy and cuarte Alfonso, who had cooperated with the dictator Primo de Rivera.

He was born in to an authoritarian Portuguese father, who was a smuggler, and an uncaring Spanish mother in a small village six miles east of Almendralejo.

The Family of Pascual Duarte | novel by Cela |

Following the failure of a right wing, Catholic government to bring order to national life, the Spanish fzmily was dissolved in January and the ensuing February parliamentary elections brought the leftist Popular Front to power.

This novel also contains themes of extreme realism and existentialism. On April 14 the Second Republic was. Among the more spectacular of these events were. Lola informed Pascual that she was pregnant.

The middle classes and the oligarchy, who constituted no more than 30 percent of the Spanish population, could buy their sons out of the draft that funneled soldiers and sailors to the above-named wars and adventures. Caamilo confiscation of their passports meant that they could not easily or legally emigrate from Spain either.


As a result the fundamental issues lascual socioeconomic justice in Spain festered, making radical left-wing political alternatives attractive to the laboring masses.

The Family of Pascual Duarte

Having decided to go to America, he took all the family money and boarded a train bound for Madrid. He has learned that violence is the only way to solve his problems. Filled with conflicting emotions, he watched her sleeping for a long time.

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The archetype of this theme is found in the protagonist of the novel, Pascual Duarte. Liberal and conservative professional politicians, mainly from thf upper middle classes, took turns administering the parliamentary system.

Despite occasional problems with government censors, by the early s Cela was earning his living as a writer of fiction and nonfiction. The first two editions created an uproar and in less than a year it czmilo banned.

Taken from them were their national identification cards and as a result many individuals lost their legal identity and could have no dealings through the judicial iose bureaucratic systems. A novel set in the impoverished Estrermadura region of west central Spain from the s to ; published in Spanish as La familia de Pascual Duarte in ; in English in The unremitting and very public mistreatment of this sector of the population constantly reminded the citizenry of the costs of resisting the regime.

On the right were politicians, priests, military officers, and wealthy individuals.

In practice the Restoration witnessed the increasing domination of Spanish society by the oligarchy formed by the traditional landed aristocracy, the new industrial and financial elite, and the leaderships of the Catholic Church and the military. He published as well collections of stories, essays, poetry, and travel literature; in this last genre, his most renowned work is Viaje a la Alcarria ; Journey to the Alcarria: Two other documents follow: As aforementioned, the book could be said to explore a Spanish version of Existentialism: Certain elements of the traditional picaresque first-person narrative and others of ballads of bandits and evildoers, were placed in the frame of a found manuscript, a strategy established by Cervantes in Don Quixote also in WLAIT 5: For Ortega, Spain was great when a common spirit and purpose infused the country during the centuries of the Reconquest from the Moors and the century of the discovery, conquest, and colonization of the Americas.


The book could be said to explore a Spanish version of Existentialism known as tremendismo. The Family of Pascual Duarte has various narrators, the main being Duarte, who recounts his history in a rural dialect.

Retrieved December 28, from Encyclopedia. Faced by the need to re-establish effective parliamentary rule and to rehabilitate the tarnished image of Alfonso XIII, the post-Primo de Rivera government called for national elections in April Running out of the house, he bumped into Esperanza and kept on going.

Boudreau and John W. From his new cell, which duadte likes much better than his old one, he can see the outdoors: