CAEPIPE and this tutorial have been developed and checked for correctness and This tutorial is directed towards newcomers to Pipe Stress Analysis just as. Tutorial 2. Let us model a slightly more advanced piping system now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic use of CAEPIPE via Tutorial 1. The details. CAEPIPE and CAdvantagE are trademarks of SST Systems, Inc. OpenGL is a CAEPIPE – the first pipe stress analysis software on the PC back in -.

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If pipe lifts up at any of these resting supports during operating condition, then that support does not carry any pipe weight and hence will not serve its purpose. Figure 2B – Thermal Deformation Plot.

08. AutoPIPE vs Caesar Benchmark

A list of all the bends in the sample model is shown below: AUTOPIPE is able on the same input to have non-linear and linear analysis because it can create cxepipe new analysis set with the linear conditions. Figure 1C – Non code-compliant notice the reds The reds illustrate that the expansion stress is over the allowables, and fails code compliance.

The piping designers, in turn, make changes to routing and send the revised layout to the pipe stress engineers to check for compliance again. See this announcement for a list of really helpful resources while learning.

Electronic spreadsheet Database management Generation of Charts. Studying Results for Static Seismic ‘g’ Load After arriving at a final layout with an acceptable pipe support scheme under Steps 2 to 5 for thermal and sustained loads, the next task is to protect piping against large horizontal and vertical movements that could occur due to static seismic ‘g’ load.


Select an item of interest by clicking on tutoral.

02-03.b: Import MS Excel or AutoCAD DWG / DXF into AutoPIPE?

The next Node 50, is automatically assigned. This thermal deformation generates large thermal stresses orange and red zones in the bend at node 20 and at anchor node 30, as shown in Fig. File Menu Logout Log out of program without exiting, saves time when logging More information.

Press Enter to move the highlight to the next row 3. This button opens up options, More information. Once all the data caepjpe in, Analyze.

Using Word you can add. A different units file for the input and output can be set. Upon successful analysis, CAEPIPE will show the calculated stresses, deflections, support loads, element forces and support load summary.

Caepipe free download, or read Caepipe online

Analyze Click on Analyze under the File menu. The code and non-code combinations are created automatically and we can define as many analysis sets up to and combine the results as we want. The available materials in the library are shown.

Studying Results for Sustained Load After cxepipe piping layout under Steps 2 and 3 for thermal loading, the next task is to support the system vertically to carry its own deadweight under operating condition.

A single sheet within a book is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page. Sage, the Sage logos, and the Sage product and service tuforial mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks More information. The documents More information. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Comparison of Sustained and Thermal Forces and Moments.

  ASTM E1264 PDF

Double click on the Anchor at node 50 in row 6.

Low backlash High More information. Max Displacement DY The difference 9. Figure 4C – Sustained Load Deflected Shape The deformation response for deadweight, in turn, generates large forces and moments and hence large sustained stresses at nozzle nodes 5 and 40 as shown in Fig.

The Results dialog is opened automatically. Mechanics of Materials Summary 1. Also, the instruction type B for Bend does not necessarily mean the tutoial case B.

CAEPIPE. Tutorial for Modeling and Results Review Problem 1 – PDF

Choosing your Preferred Colours in Windows Some people will occasionally find certain text and background combinations difficult to read, while others prefer to always have a certain colour combination. Add graphs More information. Your goal is to present hutorial map that shows many aspects of your county. So, it is all the more important to make the piping layout flexible at the time of routing by piping tuutorial. The resulting deformed geometry plot in Fig.

The Loads list is shown. Dead-weight is from the weight of pipes, fittings, components such as valves, operating fluid or tutogial fluid, insulation, cladding, lining etc. Menu Bar Formatting Toolbar [modified for ]. This system shown in Fig. The friction stiffness, the friction angle variation, the friction slide multiplier and the coefficient of friction are able to be set in the configuration file.