fastest supercharged C7s, C7 Z06s, C6s and IRS C5 all run ProChargers. around the world specializing in installing and fine-tuning the supercharger system. C7 Forced Induction/Nitrous – Looking for C7 Procharger install – Hello again, I’ve got a c7 z51 that I’m looking to put a Procharger on. release of the + C7 Corvette ProCharger Supercharger System. So here we go the easiest Corvette supercharger system install we have ever offered.

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Thanked 24 Times in 18 Posts. Hello again, I’ve got a c7 z51 that I’m looking to put a Procharger on.

Procharger F1A C7 Z06 HP Built at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) – Redline Speed Worx

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Send a private message to robbieroflcopter. Due to timing, we had to run the comparison on a separate day than the original dyno runs, which unfortunately was hotter. GM spent a great deal of time installatioon the airflow design of this new C7, from the front fascia to the inlets for the coolers on the rear fenders.

Bolt-On Power: Corvette C7 ProCharger Install

ProCharger knows that there is always a chance that someone might eventually sell their Corvette and want to prpcharger it to stock. Drag Racing in your Inbox. It might cost you a bit, but in the end you get someone reputable to do the work and no hassle of trailering it back and forth. Upon returning two weeks later to mid 90s weather, we hit the strip one more time to test the difference the ProCharger would make.

That looks like something that can cool hp right of air, right? I don’t want to be the guinea pig lol. In stock form, the Z51 equipped C7 installagion For this particular customer we are targeting WHP with as few compromises as possible.


Since then BTR has developed a very strong reputation for producing some of the best performing hardware, especially for the GM V8 application. We contacted Procharger for our supercharging needs for similar reasons, they insatllation the industry leader when it comes to centrifugal style aftermarket superchargers.

When we asked Ryne what impact this has on the performance of the kit, he responded: Question Installaation The Week: The following errors occurred with your submission. This not only speeds up the install, but it also ensures that all factory braking, cooling, and oiling systems on the car work just as GM intended.

Find More Posts by robbieroflcopter. RMCR did it while I waited, let me take video, sent me the installatiion run files, etc. If you get what you are looking to get on the install and tune that money believe me will be well spend.

C7 Technology | ProCharger

This ensures maximum belt traction as the power levels of these systems get pushed well beyond the factory 7 psi system offering. The MustangDyne shows rear-wheel horsepower and torque figures for both the stock baseline and the ProCharger equipped dyno run. Their dyno doesn’t have a load cell eddy brake so they have to do their drivability tuning on the street. Babe Of The Month: With the longest spacer mounted on the bottom, the entire bracket was test fitted to the pre-existing tapped holes located on the engine block and water pump.

Thanked 1, Times in Posts. Tuning Tuning for full systems is included with the 7 psi stock system offering. On the same fuel at peak boost, an LS3 car with the same boost would be right around We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request.

  CP X3020 PDF

The goal of this build was to achieve HP initially, with the custom tailored package our Performance Team put together for the owner we were able to make Wheel Horse Power, which easily exceeds the benchmarked goal of power at the crank! Included with the blower unit itself was a radically ;rocharger air to air intercooler, trick intake manifold, and all the necessary hoses and hardware to plumb the air from the supercharger to the intake ;rocharger.

I’m happy with my service there. Send a private message to joemosfet.

C7 Technology

After reinstalling the front bumper, wheel well splash guards, headlights, side markers, wheels and tires, and various covers, the physical work of the installation is complete. They are a Procharger shop and have package deals. Not only does the kit offer strong power gains, but it does so using only 7 psi of boost ;rocharger high quality pump gas 91 octane or greater.

All this diss-assembly was required to both install the upgraded Crankshaft Pulley, as well as upgraded valve train, and head studs. We are confident that had we had similar weather to the previous test day, the results would have been even more pronounced.

If you are prodharger all out drag racing guy, our vertical kit is hands out the best kit out there. About Us Sponsors Advertising. The fan was removed to gain access to the radiator.