In this article [show] BSNL TTA Junior Engineer Syllabus Pattern Books to Read Click Here for BSNL JTO Total Info: BSNL Information & Guidance. Post Last Updates: Saturday, December 10, @ PM. BSNL JTO Exam Pattern. BSNL holds the examination for Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) every year . Get Latest & Updated BSNL Syllabus & BSNL Exam Pattern Online from this page. Download Complete BSNL JTO/JE/JAO/MT Syllabus.

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Primary and secondary treatment, detailing and maintenance of treatment units. Computer science syllabys are having the high demand in the present technology. May I Allegeable for this exam?

Water resources of the globe: Electronic Engineering materials Capacitors Ceramic materials Ceramic resonators Conductors Electromechanical components Ferroelectric material Inductors Insulators Magnetic material Optical materials Passive components Piezoelectric materials Resistors Semiconductors Superconducting materials. Digital Voltmeter and frequency counter. Band Theory, Conductors, Semi-conductors.

In terms of landline telecom, it is the largest telecommunication company in India and fourth largest company syllabuz mobile telecommunications. Mathematical modelling of physical systems. Transducers and their applications to bdnl measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, flow-rate displacement, acceleration, and noise level etc.


Syllabus of BSNL JTO Exam for computer science & engineering?

Centrifugal pumps, performance parameters, scaling, pumps in parallel, Reciprocating pumps, air vessels, performance parameters. Hi, I have pass out i. What syllabus to prepare for this? Built up sections bdnl frames. Error analysis, measurement of current, Voltage, power, Power-factor and energy.

Different types and species of structural timber, density-moisture relationship, strength in different directions, defects, influence of defects on permissible stress, preservation, dry and wet rots, plywood, codal provision for design.

Transient response jtoo steady state response for arbitrary inputs. Testing, Losses and efficiency. What kind of preparation is needed? These will be of a nature, which can be answered without special study by an educated person. Multiplexing, principles and applications of PCM. Limit state design for bending, shear, axial compression and combined forces, Bsnp provisions for slabs, beams, walls and footings.

So now in future.

I am a 3rd year student. Design of Industrial roofs. Network Theorems and applications. The syllabus of JTO is attached below. Education and Career Forum. More Jobs Related Questions: Hall effect and its applications.

Syllabus for BSNL JTO (Junior Telecom Officer) Exam

Transducers; Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, humidity etc. The candidates must be prepared that they can be asked any basic questions about engineering. NET in Hyderabad or Bangalore?


Rooting of floods, Syllabuz of reservoirs. Design of connections of simple members. Personal computers and their typical uses. Types of AC mill-voltmeters-Amplifier rectifier and rectifier amplifier Block diagram explanation of a basic CRO and a triggerd sweep oscilloscope, front panel controls; Impedance Bridges and Q-Meters; Principles of working and specifications of logic probes, signal analyzer and logic analyzer, signal generator, distortion factor meter, spectrum analyzer.

Any good institute to do JAVA or. Design of simple members and determinates structures.

Transistor as a switching element; Boolean algebra, simplification of Boolean functions, Karnaugh Map and applications; IC Logic gates and their characteristics; IC logic families: Planning of highway systems, alignment and jfo design, horizontal and vertical curves, grade separation, Materials and construction methods for different surfaces and maintenance, Principles of pavement design, Drainage.