The complete series list for – Brenna Blixen Liz Reinhardt. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and. What happens when you fall for the perfect guy twice in one day? Brenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now that she’s back in. Slow Twitch: A Brenna Blixen Novel [Liz Reinhardt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Summer scatters three friends, ties them back.

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This always happens when a new spinoff character is introduced in a book, though. I got weird feelings about this one.

Brenna Blixen Series in Order – Liz Reinhardt – FictionDB

I would bixen recommend this novel and I’m so excited to read the next two books. He had obviously been drinking. For one Jake is shy, looks down on himself, lacks self confidence, poor and studies in a tech school. I also really liked that I had to guess which guy was the real-deal since they would play off versions of one another to Brenn and it was tough to figure out what bilxen was the truth.

Liz Reinhardt, I know you just didn’t.

Brenna Blixen Series

It seems as though the rampant slut shaming undid all the positive messages. But then there seemed to be that almost kiss moment. By the time she’s back in the States, she can’t wait to throw herself back into Jake’s arms and tell him exactly what he means to her. I think he’s a big softie inside. Paperbackpages. Saxon has been thrust into a life of drudgery and indentured service he never dreamed of after a brush with the law puts him on family-enforced bdenna.

I want to cry. I know that every next book will be even better. There are a few typos and grammar mistakes here and there which could have been avoided with the help of a clinical eye. When everyone is back together, things have changed. He’s pretty much the school’s man whore.


Brenna is stuck in the middle of defending her new boyfriend’s honor and her friendship with the other. I enjoyed how this book gave Brenna, Jake and Saxon’s point of view. Mind, it is not perfect then again, not even the traditionally blixrn ones are but this series and this author are certainly worth keepi Every time I decide to delve into self-published shaky territory I get worried.

I am so glad I read it.

Thoughts I loved reading how this young girl juggled these two boys like a pro you would never think she was After Junk Miles I was dying to know what would happen with 3 of my favorite characters!

But there are some things even the best books can’t teach you, and a passionate new friend and an old familiar full of surprises challenge Brenna to follow her heart.

Brenna Blixen is the new girl in town, but it doesn’t take long before a guy For most of the book, he was sweet and cute to a nauseating extent. But choosing one wasn’t too hard for Brenna. We see a completely different side to both boys, and if you were trying to pick a team it is completely hard.

Brfnna and try again. Was is just author imagination or is American education really this bad? I couldn’t help but admire and like Brenna – her disappointments and vulnerabilities made it easy to relate to her and her gutsy bluntness, honesty and wit made her stand out in a genre swamped with shy heroines. Did I say I love her?

Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen, book 1) by Liz Reinhardt

The structure of the book. Spoiler free Review 4.


This book — just like the others — was bloxen realistic. I found myself struggling to like her because even though I want Jake and Brenna together, I feel like Saxton belongs with her too I really hope this is the end of bpixen love triangle, though. Did I mention that he is totally good looking?

I love reading YA fiction, but sometimes it’s just too childish for me, so these really appealed to me and they just kept getting better. That’s right, this is a self-published novel, and aside from a couple of minor typos, it’s actually more polished than many traditionally published books on the market.

Post traumatic Double Clutch disorder. Read this for example: It took me back brenja a time and place I haven’t remembered in a long time. I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to more Brenna yes, there’s a teaser chapter for the sequel.

Slow Twitch

Finally, there was nothing else I could do to stall. Okay, back to Slow Twitch. Then she introduces us to the sweet Jake Kelly. He’s bad news, but there’s some definite sweetness beneath his rough persona. View all 4 comments.

In her spare time she likes to listen to corny bliexn her kid reads to her from ice-pop sticks, watch her husband get dirty working on cars, travel whenever she can scrape together a few bucks, and gab on the phone incessantly with her bestie, writer Steph Campbell. She sucks me in and has me wondering about things!!

All the things I’d hoped for in the previous two books which I also loved happened in this book.

First I have to say I really liked this book.