Throughout this boujou tutorial, we’ll take our first steps into the program. Software required: Boujou 5, Maya , NUKE 7. High quality After Effects Video Tutorials for motion graphics and visual It is true , Boujou is very expensive for any individual even many. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I’m having trouble importing Boujou 5 Tracking data into 3ds max For some.

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It has a unique way of solving which radically accelerates your results, solving more shots in less time. I have never done any of this, I am attempting to teach myself at the moment. There is a section where it doesn;t track, nor cam solve.

boujou 5 tutorial plus after effects cs 5

Atom Atom I made a couple boujou-to-C4D getting started vids. Then did the same to the cam solve – took hours. Something you might need to do in the end is combine two or three cameras into one. The reading tutorials are not going to cut it, not the best way I learn.

You wont need a background object for that. Why is it people have this problem so easily with slight blurryness in a frame when the pros seem to have no problems at all with their footage in tutorials etc? It is because the footabe is at such high fps they dont have any motion blur?? You could try upping the sensitivity and search radius.


Could somebody please update one of the two scripts to a newer blender version?? It creates a polygon whose points are at the same coordinates of the tacking nulls.

Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

They are manually added either before or after a shot. I set up everything correctly in Boujou with the Z,Y, and X crap but my floor plane is screwed. Another huge thing to watch for is lens distortion. If you wish to continue tutoriial discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum.

How to Get Boujou 5 For Free!(Cracked) *Voice Tutorial* – video dailymotion

That would omit everything except the person, if you wanted to track that, which you dont. Works for me anyways.

French93 French93 Credits to MDFilmndustries Youtube for this video http: There are plugins for compositing apps to help try and correct this now as well. There’s a good tutorial on Tuutorial 4D at lynda. Does anyone have any video tutorials using both of these programs integrated, from basics to advanced maybe?


Build a system Contact Us Book a call. Script for Blender 2.

Along with all the other very good points that Mike made in his post, the other tracker-killer these days is CMOS bkujou wobble. I’d leave the modelling to C4D. I am using the wizard in Boujou 4 I know how to get up to the scene geometry part, don’t know why or what this is for. I like to start and do my own motion tracks, getting at least 7 tracks of green per frame. Bounou gets annoying real quick.

But don’t I want to create a mesh inside boujou first? Bboujou ended up using boujou and nuke, see my examples of 3D matchmoving and environments here. My footage isn’t lining up at all in 3ds Max!!

So in C4D you open the tracking data, put the scene in a background object for reference. Then place the original video into a Foreground object with the mask apllied to the alpha channel of the material.