If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo (traditional and combat) . Learn a Kata/Form: Rather than just learning random techniques here. Bojutsu techniques The Japanese martial art of wielding the bo is bojutsu. The basis of bojutsu techniques is te, or hand, techniques derived from Quanfa and. Although bo staff spinning isn’t the first things you’ll learn when studying bo staff, it’s certainly one of the more impressive techniques. Like with.

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They very well may have actual bo staffs in stock at their location for purchase. I will then do a grading, and even film a personal feedback video for you to review. Thanks again, Sensei Michael. January 3, at 7: Time limit is exhausted.

Make sure and spend time on stances, though, at some point in your beginner training. Almost all ten toes are bkjutsu the front, the back foot toes are pointing off at a slight angle. Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter. One palm facing up and one palm facing down. This is a strong, heavier wood, designed for actual combat, deadly blows, and weapon to weapon combat.

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Would you recommend going the DVDs, or going full on with classes and such? Back is straight, leaning forward, yet with poise.

As if you were riding a horse, imagine you are in the saddle. From personal experience having taught kobudo for many years and participating frequently in kobudo kumite that the spins and tosses get pushed to the wayside exceptionally quick when trying to use the bo as a weapon rather than a tool for entertainment.


If not, it is possible to purchase a 6 ft. This is great for spinning.

Is it best to have another martial art before starting the Bo Staff? For Sparring Bo and combat practice, you will need something that is safe enough for actually hitting each other with. Make sure all strikes hit the same techniqjes, and keep the elbows up parallel to the ground, maintaining a strong long front stance. Here are the stances: Many novices skip over them, just because they want to do the upper body work, and end up missing the boat.

This is the unsexy part to getting white hot with the bo staff.

August 14, at 9: One palm up, one palm down, but with only a fist length of space in between your two hands. Jujitsu techniques do not rely on strength; they rely on an understanding of the human body, physics and center of gravity techniqufs achieve devastating punches, kicks, locks and of course throws. When you have someone learning and going through the motions with you, you are bound to do better.

A simple up-down, side-to-side motion. It does make it easier to learn bojhtsu staff, with prior traditional martial arts experience. I have heard horror stories of students putting holes in the wall, breaking fans, and even smacking their family in the face. Thanks for all your hard work and effort!

Bo Staff Techniques

However, it is not required. Either way, go for it, and have fun mastering the bo! October 15, at 3: October 29, at 3: You are a great techniqyes.

A rattan or tapered hardwood would be great. Therefore, if you are starting out with my training programs, or looking to learn the basics of bo, you will want a toothpick bo. That was definitely techniqufs intention. Ultimate Bo can be a pretty rehabilitative art, and is less aggressive on the joints.


Bo Staff Techniques – Black Belt Wiki

This is an awesome site. A great little exercise to develop your bo staff technique — just by repeatedly changing your grip you can build strength, control and balance tecnhiques spinning the bo staff. Have a blessed day, Michael. By setting an actual day each week, or time to practice your bo and make progress, you are destined for success.

Bojutsu – Black Belt Wiki

Are you training to actually practice combat? For Traditional Training and Combat If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo traditional and combator combat bo — you are technjques to want a staff that is your height, or slightly taller.

I recommend using a bo which is slightly shorter than you. Please make sure you have a clear, wide training area. Hopefully I will keep up with my latest interest and do the bo some justice. I will actually bojytsu you the stances you need to know in order to master the staff; we learn the front stance, long front stance, horse stance, attention stance, and fighting stance.

I have watched a few of your clips on the net, and I do appreciate your presentation, and have already learned some stuff.