This manual was of course entirely written using BlueGriffon itself. Please note it is not a HTML5 or CSS2/CSS3 tutorial but a User’s Manual. This manual is not. Warning, this is the User’s Manual for BlueGriffon, not a HTML, CSS or EPUB tutorial. The most complex CSS features of BlueGriffon will be explained in the. BlueGriffon is an Open Source Web editing application that allows All the examples in this tutorial are based on running BlueGriffon under the Linux operating.

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BlueGriffon is a free and open source web editor that anyone can use to design a website. That is, it’s “index. The High Price of “Free”. Click the “Wysiwyg” button at the bottom of the document. In this respect, BlueGriffon works a lot like Microsoft Word and other word processing software. Do not use capital uppercase letters or insert spaces into the name. About this tutorial All the examples in this tutorial are based on running BlueGriffon under the Linux operating system.

You can see an example of a two-column web page by looking at any of the article pages on thesitewizard. Text – this box is already pre-populated in the screenshot above because the text was already selected to become the link prior to clicking the Link button. Another possible result of the above mistakes is that you get a default page that your web host places on your site probably welcoming you to their service instead of your “index.

As an inexperienced webmaster, if you don’t check your site online after each major stage but wait till everything is done before publishing, you won’t know how to fix problems when these errors accumulate, since you won’t know at which stage those errors surfaced.

However, don’t let that stop you from using the other options if you need to. In such a case, if you don’t know how to proceed, return to the earlier section and reinstall BlueGriffon again, this time following my suggestions.

BlueGriffon Tutorial

FireFtp is a free add-on for BlueGriffon 3. Blkegriffon to check this option will result in broken links as the server will be looking for a file that lives on your computer which it can never see – nor can your site visitors.


In such a case, you can always test your site by typing “example. Let’s familiarise ourselves with this window, so that you’ll know what I’m talking about when I refer to the various portions of the page later in this tutorial.

As such, you will need to know which folder your host has set aside for your public website files. A small pop-up window will appear in which you can select how many rows and columns you would like your bluegriffkn to initially have. Some schools or universities set up a special web server for use by their students for their website-making assignments.

For example, if you named your file ” Index. Most free web hosts don’t give you bluegroffon private folder, so the moment you connect by FTP, you’ll be deposited in the public folder. If you can’t think of anything to say, just put your site name or domain name here.

/chapter: Introduction / BlueGriffon

Creat Link – create a link from scratch or from selected text. You will see the full absolute path populate the target field. If this is the first time you start FileZilla, you will tutoriap a dialog box welcoming you to the program.

You can learn of new articles and scripts that are published on thesitewizard.

If you buy multiple licenses of the same type Basic or EPUB from the same shopping cart, you will receive one single license key and one transaction ID; they are valid for all your users. Nothing, of bluegriffoj, prevents you from choosing whichever layout you like. A web host is a company which owns computers that are permanently connected to the Internet.

That’s also why we don’t show the price with VAT before you select your country of residence during checkout For those wondering, “Heading 1” is meant to be used for the title of your entire page, while “Heading 2” is for the sub-headers. Navigate to your documents tutoriak and look for the folder you created earlier to contain your website. You can do this by doubleclicking the FileZilla icon on your desktop. Purchasers of this Manual will receive free updates of the Manual for life, all updates, minor or major, following the evolution of the editor Bluegriffpn itself.

Such a layout is favoured “favored” in US English by many webmasters because it is both space-efficient and user-friendly. BlueGriffon editing one of the Media Queries of a responsive Web site.


If you are using a computer that you share with others, and don’t want FileZilla to save your password, select “Ask for password” instead. While you may not have products to sell in such a case, you should nonetheless give your users an idea of what they can find or do on your site, and link to the interior pages where they can do what you want them to do.

If your visitor types your domain name into their browser, the web server will send them the contents of the ” index. Click it once to select it. They are meant to classify the type of content appearing on your page. I suggest that you start by replacing the word “Welcome” at the top of the page, which at present functions as a sort of heading for the entire page. In the next chapter, you will add pictures and a site logo to your web page. Or if the site is called “Shakespeare’s Website”, insert that instead.

Doubleclick the file you just downloaded to tutroial the installer.

Bluegrigfon your web host for help if you don’t know what your user name or password is. In addition, if you plan to have your site name appear in your logo which you will create and insert into the header section in the next chapterit’s possible to get away with not repeating it here. After each item, simply press the Enter key to add another item.

However, make sure that you know how to launch programs from the Start menu if you don’t, otherwise you won’t be able to run BlueGriffon later. To create a list, click on the button corresponding to the type of list you want to create. Windows 7, 8, 10 installer, 32bits. You can move the cursor around with the arrow keys on your keyboard, and the PgUp and PgDn keys and the scroll bar on the right scrolls the page.