Blackbird has ratings and 50 reviews. Beth said: starsThe earlier you read this play, the more I think you’ll enjoy it. Or perhaps I should rep. Blackbird. Front Cover. David Harrower. Dramatists Play Service Inc, Blackbird is a tense and powerful “problem play”, confronting the problem of. If you’ve ever abused another human, playwright David Harrower has an uncomfortable reminder for you in his taut two-person drama.

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Like OleannaMamet’s tale of a middle-aged college teacher’s disastrous encounter with a female student, or DoubtJohn Patrick Shanley’s portrait of a nun who suspects a priest of child molestation, Blackbird allows—even forces—audience members to blackbjrd their own interpretations on the events they’ve seen.

Sitting in a Glasgow bar on a slow weekday lunchtime, he squints doubtfully at me.

Blackbird by David Harrower

Books by David Harrower. Now, years later, she’s found him again. Surprisingly, Blackbird hrrower part tragic love story, and that’s where each character’s and probably most reader’s conflicting responses lie. Knives in Hens — taken from a half-scene in that larger, rejected play — felt like a last throw of the dice. He went to prison; she’s been through therapy and her hometown’s staring.

David Harrower Lives Up to His Name in Blackbird, a Challenging Portrait of Abuse

Nevertheless, Jagten was in a completely different league, with favid different take and a more meaningful subject. What I mean is that there is something so close to convention in its treatment of its dark subject, lean, mean writing, and shocking moments poised to cause shock and discomfort that it seems better suited to those who aren’t quite as used to the particular style born out by “issue theatre” not inherently a bad thing, and, certainly, Harrower comes up with an addictive and almost irresistible play to chew on.

Ray takes Blackbirf to the office break room, where the two engage in a long and difficult confrontation involving Una’s continuing struggles to understand and come to terms with the abuse and her intensely conflicting emotions, which pivot between anger, curiosity, confusion, hy even a persistent attachment to Ray, whom Una loved — and she believed that he loved her.

Eventually, a couple out walking their dog took Una in and called the police after learning why she was there. Anyone who’s ever tried to revisit a failed blackbire broken love affair, a marriage that ended in bitter divorce, a childhood with abusive parents—will understand the challenge Una and Ray face as they sort through the secrets and self-deceptions, trying to comprehend the past so they can move forward into the light of the dark black night.


We’d say it’s entirely fitting that harroaer twenty-seven-year-old Una demands a different, more personal form of justice than the one the courts dispensed.

Is Ray, who has been sent to prison and is he claims attempting to rebuild his life, a mendacious aggressor, or as much of a victim as she is? They have the rest of their lives to act, at a time and place of their choosing, on that information. The drama pulls to the point that the harrowfr is visible between the text.

It’s not natural dialogue, which could turn so readers aways especially since this piece isn’t meant to be read, it’s meant to be seen in a production. I was able to find some clips on YouTube, but not much. Fascinating elements are only alluded to in part, such as Una’s loneliness as a child, Una’s relationships with her parents after the ‘truth’ about her and Ray’s relationship emerges, and the general repercussions on Ray’s later relationships.

Blackbird review – Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels stun in abuse drama

Yet it doesn’t really feel ambiguous because it’s so short and kind of deliberately underdeveloped – so intent on making youthe reader, think that it doesn’t really seem to think anything of its own. The author of seven original plays, plus a scattering of adaptations, he is often called the gy talented Scottish playwright of his generation.

Blackbird is a play written in by Scottish playwright David Harrower. In Dennis Zacek’s thoughtful, beautifully paced staging, every moment counts, as each answer raises new questions and each flash blackbifd insight raises the drama’s emotional stakes, building to a shocking final twist.

I can’t wait to see this play sometime. No, I didn’t love it – I appreciated it. The subject matter was intense blackbigd not what I expected at all, but I ended up loving it. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Revolving around one dark, edgy subject statutory rape, the repercussions of. Retrieved 17 February It’s a great great play for student productions thanks to its stripped-down nature – one simple set, two meaty roles one bj, one femalepretty short run-time, edgy but provocative material.

A two-hander, then a monologue … what comes next? No eBook available Amazon. If you’ve ever abused another human, playwright David Harrower has an uncomfortable reminder for you in his taut two-person drama, Blackbirdwhich South Stream Productions is currently performing at Raleigh’s Sonorous Road Theatre. It was inspired in part by the crimes of sex offender Toby Studebakerand depicts a young woman meeting a middle-aged man fifteen years after being sexually abused by him harroweer she was twelve.


Jul 01, Scott rated it it was amazing. Ray is confronted with his past when Una arrive Refresh and try again. Switch to the mobile version of this page. The characters exist mostly, intentionally, as archetypes for discussion and contemplation, debate that can never have an answer because Harrower has deliberately savid you with only enough to make you wonder, and not blackburd to make you decide or choose.

Blackbird (play) – Wikipedia

But as a document of two deeply damaged people, both of whom are trying to pick up and mend the pieces of their own lives, Blackbird presents a garland of thorny questions with no easy answers. After serving his sentence for sexual abuse of a minor, Ray changed his name, moved to another city, and rebuilt his life from scratch, which he could do because he was convicted well before the creation of present-day sex offender registries.

The blakbird was a little hard to follow at first, but then as the plot progressed, the more clear it got. Rooney Mara This artiste has a way of making me want to change the channel, even when she is in the company of big names.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Open Preview See a Problem? Una and Ray, the principal characters in this unremittingly intense minute one-act by Scottish playwright David Harrower, are birds with broken wings—psychologically crippled by an episode that left both their lives in tatters.

I started reading and couldn’t stop. Watching this duo warily face off, then relax to the point where they can share water from the same plastic bottle, is like watching two hostile animals as approach the same water hole. Now called Peter, he’s bpackbird manager of a medical-supplies manufacturing firm. When Ray complains that he has already served his sentence, Una responds: Rooney Mara gives me the impression that she is over reaching; there garrower a sense of artificiality in her performance.