endorsed by Games Workshop, Black Library and/or Fantasy Flight Games. As a fan-made . living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. A native of .. distant, lightly populated, and lacking in important industries. The sub is big on faith. Following Games Workshop’s closure of the Black Industries imprint, and compiled it into a PDF titled “The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia”. Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods 31 Mar , and The Inquisitor’s Handbook (optional supplementary rules). .. The Calixis Sector is very deliberately a region riddled with.

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It is impossible to change castes and most tto are born into them. Penal colony and Mechanicus outpost. The Misericord is an example of the many Chartist mercantile spacecraft that ply the trade routes between ScintillaIocanthus and Sepheris Secundus and the other inhabited worlds of the Calixis Sector, carrying vital cargo and passengers across the sector. In Icenholm, the capital city, the Royal Scourges enforce order and are also sent to restore obedience where it has broken down.

Main base of Clovis Ministorum. It is the setting for the Dark Heresy Role-playing Game. It is a jumped-up, uncivilised boomtown in the Wilderness, a city that got too big for itself.

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: The Inquisitor’s Handbook: A Player’s Guide to Dark Heresy

Instead, they live in mansions suspended from the edge of the mine pit, hanging from mighty chains and served by precarious elevators and cable cars. On Scintilla, the Adeptus Arbites is based at the Fortress of the Just, a massive rockcrete slab that sits in the relentless desert a short flight away from Hive Tarsus. Skull sells these prisoners back to their families or comrades in exchange for Ghostfire pollen or offers them a place in the ill-armed hordes of his army.

Here is the mark of the darkness yet to come. A Sister Famulous must be disciplined and incorruptible as she is sent out to fend mostly for herself, and is surrounded by the czlixis morally questionable nobles to whose house she is attached.

The streets in the spire are very safe thanks to the large private armies that guard every estate and the efforts of the Magistratum to man checkpoints, which regulate the people coming in and out of the hive spire. Rogue Trader Warhammer System. The Indusrries Reach is at once a region rich in resources and a potential curse upon the Imperium.


Only the central part of the Gorgonid is open to the air. Malfi is a seat of the Administratum and several chief banking houses. Scintilla is a world of splendours where the wealthy and powerful compete with ruthless appetite.

Guide to the Calixis Sector – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

Settlement is a new Imperial colony world established four hundred standard years agoseating eighteen thousand families on a dry, blacm settlement world. A good supplement to the game. It is said that in the outer bowls of Sentinel, a man may find visions and answers. Inquisitors of the Tyrantine Cabal. Every serf guids the right to mine a particular section of open mine, and the Face is covered in markers driven into the rock to state which serf is permitted to work that spot.

The second group is the Administratum. Though the game eventually spawned four other core rulebooks covering different areas of the Warhammer 40, universe including Rogue Tradersthe Calixus Space Marinesthe Imperial Guard and the servants of Chaosthe initial releases concentrated on the Acolytes of the Inquisition.

People are an afterthought in Gunmetal City. Activity in the Goldenhand is regulated by two bodies. This territory represents a vulnerable fraction of the Imperium, far from the millions-strong armies and mighty battlefleets that protect its most ancient and important worlds and defend its war-torn frontiers.

Space is running out on Prol IX leading to a vicious schism within the ranks of the Decatalogues. Whatever the truth, the calxiis is a fact.

The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia | RPG Item | RPGGeek

The Infernis is a region formed by the lowest levels of factories that have collapsed or become uninhabitable. The copies of the game, individually numbered with an accompanying “signature” of an in-game Inquisitor, sold out in six minutes.

The Spectarians were granted sole discretionary use of the Bastion Serpentis at the inception of their cabal. The Loathers, for example, is a group that has forsaken all happiness and hope, and sells its services as assassins and destroyers of lives to spread the misery that has afflicted them.

Jeff rated it really liked it Nov 03, It is tk suggested, but unconfirmed, that the Tricorn possesses its own astrotelepathic choir. No Web Links Found. They are a familiar sight in their stark grey uniforms, contrasting with the outlandish fashions of the various guidr traders, and are never jostled or threatened as they go about their business.


Packed with new rules and careers, as well as all manner of essential gear, the Inquisitor’s Handbook is perfect for players and Game Masters alike. The officers of the Misericord form their own caste and wear distinctive and rather sinister masks to mark them out from the rest of the crew. That’s what Black Industries called the sector page they had on their site with all the fan created information on it before FFG got the license.

It draws its troops from across the planet and there is considerable rivalry between regiments. Zillman’s Domian is a low technology level Feudal World with a heavy Imperial tithe burden.

Learn More I supported becauseā€¦ “For the last 2 years my comments have appeared in the banner. Freshwater is very valuable on Iocanthos, and Port Suffering not only has its own supply brought down on Imperial ships, but can trade its surplus water to the warlords mainly for guarantees that the warlords will not attack the town.

No one has the power to gainsay the word of the Inquisition. The middle hivers trapped between the aristo spires and the rancid underhives live out thankless lives of unending toil, where ignorance is a virtue, and death is a reward for a lifetime of loyal, drone servitude, fulfilling the exorbitant tithes levied on Scintilla by the Administratum. It is likely that many of them have no real concept of the dark truth lurking at the centre of their compact.

Though her mind is still sound, her body is infirm and, some of the more ambitious barons say, she is losing the ruthlessness and willpower that once served her so well. If Port Suffering was to be attacked, the more powerful warlords would lose their supply of weapons, freshwater and fuel from the Imperium and what little structure that exists on Iocanthos would fall apart.

As far as he is concerned, the Magistratum are part of the problem and he actively despises them.