The ASTM D method of distillation employs a vacuum pot still with a low pressure drop entrainment separator operated under total takeoff conditions. Distillation Combined semi-automatic ASTM D / D Semi-automatic fraction collector with 6 x 12 recievers. Ask for quotation for the Combined. Download Astm d Designation: D – 03 (Reapproved ) An American National Standard Standard Test Method for. Distillation of Heavy.

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This test method employs a fractionating column having an efficiency of 14 to 18 theoretical plates operated at a reflux ratio of 5: This dimension can be checked by removing the slightly flattened or slightly concave, but not perfectly d523 to facilitate the rotation of the magnetic stirrer.

Allow the residue to cool while stirring. Adjust the pressure to the required level for the test, and run a final leak test as above. A pressure of 0.

In addition, it provides aastm the determination of standard distillation curves to the highest atmospheric equivalent temperature possible by conventional distillation. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


Density must be measured in this case. Do not recombine the trap fraction. It shall be made of borosilicate glass and be totally enclosed in a silvered glass vacuum jacket having a permanent vacuum of less than 0. The size of the charge for each size of still is determined from the loading factor.

The external magnetic drive must be atm of rotating the bar in the flask when located directly below and touching the mantle. A basic calibration procedure is described in A2. Inspection Validating the specifications, value and safety of your raw materials, products and assets.

Individual crude oil quality tests are also available on an individual basis.

High Vacuum (HIVAC) Still, ASTM D5236

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. De Nemours and Co. Link to Active This link will always d55236 to the current Active version of the standard. For the freezing point of water, a Dewar flask filled with crushed ice and water can be substituted. Alternatively, the settings of electronic gages, if so equipped, may be adjusted to eliminate the error. Automatic or manual control can be used.

Experience has shown that reduced crude oil samples typically run well at 0.

NOTE 1—While the practice of reblending distillates with residue can be done to produce a lighter residue, it is not recommended because it produces blends with irregular properties. Although these data do not meet the statistical atsm of RR: This can be used for interpolation when necessary.


A heat density of 0.

However, distillation curves and fraction qualities obtained by these methods are not comparable. An excess of lubricant can promote leakage. Distillation yields by mass are calculated from the mass of each fraction relative to the total mass recovery.

Verification of the calibration of the astk can be accomplished using the procedures described in A2. Steel flasks can have a cooling coil for rapid quenching of the distillation in an emergency.

High Vacuum (HIVAC) Still, ASTM D On H.S. Martin, Inc.

Please help us to share our service with your friends. Distillation conditions asttm equipment performance criteria are specified and typical apparatus is illustrated. Discontinue heat input to the flask and heating jacket at once and slightly raise the pressure of the system by reducing the vacuum pump capacity.

Apply vacuum, and when the new receiver is at approximately system pressure, reconnect it to the system.