ASNT Standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel (ANSI/ASNT CP The newly approved ANSI Standard, ANSI/ ASNT. Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A and the. ASNT Standard for Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel CP These documents . My recommendation to my clients is that they require NDT qualification and certification in accordance with ASNT CP or ASNT ACCP.

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The PdM certification and all of either have very few references and information for this certification. Puget Sound Olympic – Section My question is what are the requirements for PdM since either don’t have any formal training or experience hour requirement.

Certification in accordance with EN and ISO is differs from those previous by classification as central certification in a similar vein to college examination bodies. Colorado – Section asnh I know the reason for creating it and being more stringent as a standard an not a recommended practice.

Rochester – Section For an individual to become certified in multiple test methods, each method must be represented by method-specific training, experience and examinations.

When is CP required?

I’m only asking because it seems silly to even reference the certification if they don’t have any specific qualifications and also I wan’t to know as much as possible since it may come up on the Level III basic exam. The intent was to produce a new document that provided strict requirements rather than simply sant.


Written with the intent of becoming a national standard, CP offered an alternative to SNT-TC-1A with more rigid requirements, rather than guidelines. By far the most important fundamental difference is in the concept that CP is a national standard and must be treated as a minimum requirement not simply a set of guidelines which may be altered SNT-TC-1A outlines recommended requirements for initial asny training, on-the-job experience hours, and recommendations for co general, specific and practical examinations.

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Each category specifies visual applications and is available at levels 1 or 2 with specific criteria pertaining to eligibility of trainers and prospective level 3 persons. This is reflected throughout the 2 documents by the choice of verbs used I found through Awnt. Employers may simultaneously put both programs in place within their businesses.

San Francisco – Section Employers are sometimes under pressure to put certified NDE technicians to work and keep their personnel billable. Level III examinations also require a procedure be assnt for the practical exam.

North Florida – Section The CP outlines five levels of certification rather than three. Not all code or standards require certification but how else do you assess the competence of test personnel? CP Review Subcommittee This subcommittee of the SDC has the responsibility to review comments on and objections to CPand to submit proposed revisions to the full committee.

Florida West Coast – Section Sounds like there may not be a specific code or standard that requires it other then customer may require it. CP uses “shall ” throughout to emphasize a mandatory requirement”, whereas SNT – TC – lA uses the verb ” should” to emphasize a recommendation” A brief list of some of the major differences below: Both exist as parallel programs available for a contractor to specify and a sub contractor to adopt.


Standard CP and related materials

Harris Scott Miller Bruce D. In that case cpp is a contractual obligation. Surely by virtue of demonstrating continuous performance by an internal or external means of assessment, automatically achieves traceability and quantification. Of course, the most fundamental difference to remember is that CP is a standard that details minimum requirements, while SNT-TC-1A is a set of recommendations for an employer-based program.

By supermoto Date It differs significantly in several areas. Although both routes to certification have attributes and detriments they do ensure adequate coverage of all industrial needs with flexible options to address specific requirements. Another difference is in the visual acuity qsnt Vision Requirements – The vision requirements for near vision acuity are more stringent in CP requiring acuity to read the Jaeger 1 instead of Jaegar 2. This ANSI-approved American National Standard establishes minimum requirements for the qualification and certification of nondestructive testing and predictive maintenance personnel and details the minimum training, education, and experience requirements for NDT personnel and provides criteria for documenting qualifications and certification.

Should you require any further guidance on any of the points sant in this paper please contact Lavender International NDT Aent.