Asas-asas Islam has ratings and 50 reviews. Maududi’s classic treatise on Islam and how it transforms a person’s life. Fully updated in modern Englis. Al-Maududi – Asas-asas Uploaded by Al Aiman. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Asas-asas Islam Abu A’la Al-Maududi 3) Hakikat Islam 4) Hakikat Kufur -Semua manusia dilahirkan muslim (sudut fitrah) -Kufur i’tiqad-ingkar.

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Aliran Ibn Taimiyah sebuah gerakan Sunnah tradisional adalah bertentang dengan teologi Syiah. All political borders among its countries are artificial which were set by colonialists aiming to split the Ummah Muslim countries can thus come closer and become interdependent among themselves which can be considered as a congenial tool for its unity.

He takes this generation as a model for present attempts of Muslim unity. Beliau meneliti secara kritikal asas-asas untuk memahami perpaduan.

These conflicting systems of education have produced people with fundamentally different outlooks which have resulted into a dangerous internal conflict in the Muslim society31″. Maududi tidak menyokong idea penubuhan negara Pakistan sebuah negara Islam yang terpisah daripada India. Maktabah al-Rushd,p.

The same is true in regards to the Muslim unity. This issue of disunity among the Muslim Ummah grew so much in various sects that they always remained at confrontation with each other.

Halimah David rated it did not like it Feb 05, His utmost emphasis lies on reviving Ummatic polity, strengthening universal spirit, concept of Muslim brotherhood, and a mutual cooperation in every possible aspect of the Muslim world. As a doctrine, nationalism has no universality as it is a primordial historical phenomenon, the emotional binding by which political communities originally emerged, and through which the ethnic community finds its historical expression and maturity.

Maka Maulana Maududi ditahan dan dipenjarakan berikutan ucapan dan tulisannya yang mahukan Islam tulen.


Rupa Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah. Niran rated it did not like it Jun 05, Instead of mutual love, it gave birth to divisions among Muslims, weakened their influence and provoked them to hate each other.

Abul Ala Maududi – Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

This doctrine has kept the nations of the world perpetually divided, and has promoted such deadly evils like suspicion, hatred, and hostility2 that hinder the desired unity. Islamic history is replete with instances where a Muslim went out of his country and lived in other Muslim lands for decades. Tiada pemisahan antara dunia dan akhirat, antara orang Islam dengan bukan Islam. Tiresome, at least for this unbeliever.

Thus, it severely undermines the greater unity of the Muslims. Help Center Find new research papers in: If this moral system is observed by its adherents, a nation may be born who are identical in character, behavior, virtues and practices and then a unity of the Muslim world would become true. Therefore, Muslim Ummah has been divided into various groups, sects, and camps Secara umum masyarakat Syiah menerima pandangan Maududi yang berlatar belakang mazhab Sunnah secara positif.

Diambil daripada ” https: Maulana Maududi mendapat pendidikan di Madrasah Furqaniyahsebuah sekolah tinggi terkenal di Hyderabad yang dipanggil “Madrassah”, bukan sekolah Islam tradisional. Trivia About Towards Understan Yefim rated it did not like it Jan 13, Iqbal Academy Pakistan,p. But during the period of monarchy this loyalty soon began to weaken, and caused erosion of the Muslim’s loyalty to Islam and the Millat, leading to its ultimate replacement by loyalty to the self, the clan or family.

Sebarang percubaan untuk menetapkan teori perpaduan umat Islam mungkin tidak akan mendapat dimensi praktikal sehingga piawaian pemahaman dibentangkan. The current situation of foreign influence on the Muslim unity is even worse. In the absence of ideals and higher loyalties20, people are not willing to make any sacrifices, and everyone is interested merely in feathering his own nest or promoting the interests of his family or clan The jurists became the religious, moral and spiritual leaders and guides of the Muslims, and the kings assumed the political leadership of the community.


But the idea that the Muslims of the world constitute one Ummah remained intact. Furthermore, the effect of this cultural onslaught is that it has been gradually depriving Muslim life of Islamic orientation14 and similarly depriving them of a great unifying and supporting force Mahfooz rated it did not like it Jan 26, Fully updated in modern English. Since its emergence in the early twentieth century, it has become a dominant philosophy in the Muslim world. Ramiz Qudsi rated it did not like it Jan 19, Islamic Book Trust, vol.

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Beliau mengemukakan penyelesaian Islam dan Islam ada jawapan bagi setiap permasalahan masyarakat Islam yang dijajah. Beliau mahu undang-undang Syariah dilaksanakan bagi semua rakyatmenggantikan undang-undang sivil yang tidak Islamik dan melaksanakan undang-undang jenayah hudud. Syracuse University Press,asas-asax. It divides man from man on the basis of nationality. It may also be termed as an egalitarian society.

Beliau merupakan seorang sayyid, yang berketurunan Muhamad. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Karachi, International Isla, Publishers, p.

Asas-Asas Islam /

Islam adalah satu agama lengkap untuk umat Islam. Oblivion of Brotherhood Believers in Islam are considered as a “single brotherhood” and one family. Beliau mula membina negara dan masyarakat Islam yang ideal sebagaimana wawasannya dahulu. Sebaliknya merayu dibebaskan berucap.

He says that “the unity of Islamic world cannot be conceived of without Islamic culture”. They are intertwined, well-linked and above all are geographical neighbors.