Ari Hoenig. 17K likes. This is my Official Band Page. I have a new record just out. It’s called The Pauper and the Magician!. The latest Tweets from Ari Hoenig (@AriHoenig). drums. new album Jan’ BUY at iTunes: NYC. Features. Ari Hoenig. His success proves that if you’re resourceful and persistent, you can make your way in New York City perfecting your own style, your own.

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If you focus on one thing, then you can just change one small element to make it different. You can also scrape it on the cymbal or use it to actually strike the cymbal or the bell. Ari continues to build on the hoeniv of these two records by playing largely improvised solo concerts using a regular four piece drum kit and no percussion.

Hoebig your daughter know the cymbals are named after her? I enjoy working with four-way coordination. Evans, including Level prototype snare batter and Clear resonant, Level Coated G1 tom batters, and Level G1 bass drum batter.

To the Bosphorus MD: Musicians believe their music should be enough to speak for them.

Is booking a jazz group tough these days? Ohenig looks forward to his next Dreyfus release on which “Punk Bop” will be joined by Chris Potter on tenor.

Besides the quintet, Ari leads 2 other groups which play his original music, the Ari Hoenig Nonet and Trio. Retrieved 5 January Does the imagery of the title conjure the music? This section of a biography of a living person does not henig any references or sources.


I feel that I have more to offer in that setting than just as a drummer.

I wrote the music for this group; some songs are more through-arranged and through-composed, but the story of the pauper and the magician ties it all together. His father is a conductor and classical singer, his mother a violinist and pianist. Anything I play I try to play clearly. The second half is all standards. He also uses this gig to present other side projects and experiments he is working on at the time.

That comes from my love of Meshuggah. Then it was about changing them. Practicing one thing can help you more than practicing many things. Yeah, that gives you a very legato sound. Why do you play Bosphorus cymbals? You can be really musically effective without being hip.

Both records received rave reviews and Fanfare Magazine listed “The Painter” as one of the top 5 records of The fall of kicked off a long CD release tour, taking the group through Spain, Italy, and Finland, as well as various cities in the U.

InAri released the 3 part video entitled Rhythm Trainingabout time and rhythmic vocabulary. Growing up in Philadelphia, his parent’s influence exposed Ari to a variety of alternative musical experiences. I can make music aloneā€”it might not be flashy, or cutting edge, but musically I can really say something and make a statement. Ari Hoenig born November 13, is an American jazz drummer, composer, and educator.


They released two records on the Smalls Records label: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Everyone in New York City is so hip. Clarity in general is important to me. I love them and play them all the time. Yamaha Maple Absolute A. You created a dramatic promotional video for your new album. So much clarity, and great dynamics.

It was fun and different. What do you practice now?

Ari Hoenig – Wikipedia

Steve Hackett by Will Romano. In Ari signed a multi record deal with Dreyfus Records and released his first record for them called Inversations which featured Jean Michel Pilc and Johannes Weidenmueller. Retrieved from ” https: There may be specific things one grip is better for than another, but the differences are very slight. Ari Hoenig Drums archived shows. I have a signature line of Bosphorus cymbals, the Lyric series.

Ari Hoenig Trio

Not as a band. Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. I learned to use specific words to describe the sound I was hearing. Those are my first two records, Jazzheads and Time Travelsthe solo drumming albums.