Andante Et Scherzo Andante Et Scherzo By J. Edouard Barat. For C or B-flat Trumpet and Piano. [J. Edouard Barat] on *FREE* shipping on. Hello, I’m looking for a recording of Andante et Scherzo by Barat. I know Phil Smith did a recording of it, but I don’t want to have to spend $15+. su_spoiler icon=”folder-1″ title=”Kenneth Jones” style=”fancy”] [yt_player link=” ?v=b4nravQzrWQ”] [yt_transcript seek=”0.

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You must andantd in or sign up to reply here. Jul 17, 9. Don’t take a chance on a performance using an underdeveloped technique when you can do it more comfortablly.

Barat – Andante et Scherzo – Brass Excerpts

After all, isn’t pushing ourselves beyond our normal limits what helps us to improve? But my heart breaks every time I hear the entrance in Mahler 5 with a weak triple tongue. Jul 16, 4. In my memory, I did a pretty good job of it too.

Andante et Scherzo by Barat | Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale

I have played and performed that piece and you should, indeed, double tongue the 16th notes in the scherzo. Jul 16, 2. That means most players abdante single better than they can multi. I don’t ever recall his articulation being overly criticised.

I might have to look into doing it somewhere sometime. If listeners can tell you are double tonguing then you need to work more on it. Should I single or double tongue the 16th notes in the scherzo section? Do you already have an account? Jul 16, 3. That being said, keep working on your adante tongue for when you have to use it.


Jul 16, 6. Jul 16, 8.

If the answer is yes, then do it. I’ve seen more than a few times a high school kid who bit off way more than they could realistically accomplish, and I don’t agree with that – that’s setting a person up for failure, and that’s the kind of experience that can cause an aspiring young musician to stop playing. Jul 16, 7. Bill Dishman Gainesville, Florida. I think that there should be limits to this though. I played the Goedicke Concert Etude as contest solo as a Junior in high school, and although my double tonguing technique wasn’t fantastic when I started it, by pushing myself through that piece of music, it improved it a lot.

If single tonguing is fast enough then use it. If not, do a multi-tongue. I was thinking that dodecatuple tonguing the hemidemisemihemidemisemiquaver would be best. Sometimes it’s taking a chance and taking on a piece of music that helps to push our technique to a new place. Search Media New Media. Aside from that, I’ve never played it – sounds like a neat tune though.

Personally, I think I’d double tongue them. If you need to double tongue at a certain tempo, learn to do it well and no one can tell. Your name or email address: Yes, my password is: I know that some always talk about doing what’s right for the music, but sometimes and this is just an opinion when a player is in their formative years, I think it’s ok to maybe take the risk and put the music second for the sake of the student who is striving to become better.


This question comes up WAY to often. Jul 16, 5. Here’s the deal, you learn to single tongue from the very beginning but you’re pretty far into your trumpet playing career once you can multi tongue, and it may not even be good for a few years after that.

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Andante et Scherzo by Barat

Do what feels good and sounds good. Has anyone wcherzo Andante et Scherzo by Barat? That’s what helped me to develop my foundation for my multiple tonguing. Can you play in style, at tempo, correctly and it sound good with single tonguing? No, create an account now. Listing to a recording of it right now on YouTube – sounds to me like the player is double tonguing.

Alright, I’m going to save you a lot of anguish later in your trumpet playing career. Jul 16, 1. As trumpet players, we tend to try to push our limits and falter because of it.