Odontogenic tumors are heterogeneous group of lesions with diverse histopathological and clinical features. Ameloblastic fibro-dentinoma. The ameloblastic fibro-odontoma (AFO) is a rare mixed odontogenic tumor. .. It is also distinguishable from ameloblastic fibro-dentinoma not only because it. Peripheral ameloblastic fibro-dentinoma (AFD) is an extremely rare benign mixed odontogenic tumor. From a review of the English-language literature, to the.

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Cervical lymph nodes of the same side were enlarged, firm, tender and mobile.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This is usually in association with unerupted molar teeth in childhood. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Report of two cases.

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Because of the presence of dentin only, and complete absence of enamel even in multiple sections, the present case was considered as ameloblastic fibrodentinoma. It is also distinguishable from ameloblastic fibro-dentinoma not only because it shows dental structures resembling dentine, but also because it contains enamel-like tissues.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Considerably more information on the AFD has to be collected in order to better understand the lesion, its biological behavior, risk of malignant transformation and relationship to the other AF-related lesion.


The dentist performed endodontic treatment for the central incisor because he found caries and speculated that the gingival swelling had an endodontic origin. There was no observable radiopaque abnormality in the periapical radiograph.

Aggressive atypical ameloblastic fibrodentinoma: Report of a case

The orthopantomogram revealed a well-defined radiolucency measuring about 4. Sivakumarb and Jyothi Issac c. Histological typing of odontogenic tumors.

Case report A year-old girl was referred to oral and maxillofacial surgery department with an incidental radiological finding of radiopaque dentinoja in the posterior region of maxilla. There may be two reasons for the high vascularization of this lesion. The malignant counterparts of AF, AFD and AFO are ameloblastic fibrosarcoma, ameloblastic fibrodentinosarcoma and ameloblastic fibroodontosarcoma, respectively.

The mixed odontogenic tumors.

Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma

A rare case report. Most of these benign lesions on complete excision heal well, but they need long-term follow-up. Clinical appearance 1 year after excisional biopsy for the gingival lesion. Suvy Manuel in data analysis and Dr. AFD is defined as a neoplasm similar to AF that concurrently shows formation of dentin or dentinoid [ 20 ]. Ameloblastic fibroma and related lesions: Depending on the histological diagnosis and aggressiveness of the lesion, a radical resection was planned in order to prevent further chances of recurrence and malignant transformation that are usually seen with recurrence of the lesion following inadequate removal.


CD44, a hyaluronic acid receptor, is one of the most commonly studied surface markers, which is expressed by almost every tumor cell [ 24 ]. Revision of the edition of the WHO histological typing of odontogenic tumors. The substance of the radiolucent area showed few flecks of radioopacity.

World Health Organization classification of tumours; pp. The age of our patients provides further evidence that contradicts this conclusion as our ameloblqstic is an extremely young child.

We report a rare case of gingival AFO with the classic microscopic features of its intraosseous counterpart. On palpation lesion was firm in consistency, and gave the feeling of irregular surface. Giraddi GB, Garg V.

Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma AFO predominantly occurs in the jaw bones of children and young adults.

This group of lesions is also sometimes referred to as mixed odontogenic tumors, and usually includes AF, ameloblastic fibrodentinoma AFD and ameloblastic fibroodontoma AFO. J Oral Pathol ; How to cite this article: