Comportamiento del tizón temprano del tomate (Alternaria solani) en las condiciones del municipio de Holguín, Cuba []. Ricardo, N.S., Dirección Provincial. Evaluación de fungicidas para el control de tizón temprano (Alternaria solani) en tomate []. Maeso, D. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the. Se recogen resultados del estudio de la interacción de “A. solani” con tomate y papa empleando aislados fúngicos de Cuba, EEUU, Turquía, Grecia, Rusia y.

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The induction of six enzyme systems was determined at 0d, 1d, 7d and 10d after pathogen inoculation.

How to cite this article. Variation in the optical density was determined for two minutes at 15 sec. Greenhouse aspersions resulted in almost solaani control of Alternaria 27 ; however, its severity reduction was less impressive in the field.

Kumar S, Srivastava K. L -1 was prepared and each plant inoculated with ml of the suspension with a 1-liter one-hand pressure sprayer solzni The reaction rate of oxidation was determined by recording the product absorbance at nm. The homogenate was incubated with stirring in an ice bath for 45 min, filtered through gauze and centrifuged Toamte de Jamaica y Autopista Nacional. The objective of the research was to measure the protection by chemical and biological resistance activators to the damage of A.

Cuban populations of A.

The maximum damage in terms of SPL and NLA matched the low-medium degrees of the scales proposed to evaluate the disease in the same province 18where up to 20 spots were included in the lowest leaves Achieving natural activation of the defense systems of plants as an alternative control is compatible for both cropping systems, where monoculture and the curative approach predominates, as well as in farms managed with an agroecological approach where the nonuse or reduction of traditional chemicals is imperative.


In practice, different methods of application of a phytosanitary product as well as the times and frequency of application determine the crop’s response to disease 8.

The other treatments followed with the values alternsria Antifungal and insect-repellent activities of essential oil of turmeric Curcuma longa L. En general, los tratamientos que incluyeron ASM mostraron mejores resultados.

Phenylalanine ammonia lyase PAL: The concentration of microalgae is not influential, in this case 1 g. On the other hand, none dolani the treatments showed enzymatic activity over 4. Recibir un email con cada nueva entrada. Stewart’s wilt of corn.

Evaluación de fungicidas para el control de tizón temprano (Alternaria solani) en tomate

Similarly, different isolates produce different biochemical responses depending on the cultivar The ASM showed itself to be effective in the greenhouse, sufficing a single application of the product to achieve protection in the field; however, ASM does not always provide protection against pathogens 8. Fitopatologia Brasileira 29 Supl. Tomato early blight Alternaria solani Sor. Controle de Alternaria solani em tomateiro por altfrnaria de Curcuma longa e curcumina – II.

Not marketable fruits were discarded. Zonificacion de Alternaria solani en papa en la provincia de La Habana. Disease warning systems for processing tomatoes in eastern North America: The results showed herein suggested the ASM-mycorrhizas treatment to reduce the progression of mm necrotic spots in the host lowest NLA rather than to prevent infection events highest SPL.


Fire blight of apple and pear. Alternaria solani solan primeiramente em alternaira da cultura. The treatments with spirulina-mycorrhizas, spirulina alone, and the control not treated showed the lowest level of all the enzymes analyzed Fig.

Field Control of Bacterial Spot and Bacterial speck of tomato using a plant activator.

Plagas y enfermedades del tomate

Todo el experimento fue asperjado con una mezcla de cepas de A. Detectable levels of all enzymes were observed in the control treatment Table 3confirming the existence of a constitutive enzyme level in the cultivar.

The disease control showed by alternaia extracts and curcumin solutions was similar to cupric fungicide, but inferior to azoxystrobin control.

The effect of nitrogen fertilizationon the expression of slow mildewing resistance in Knox wheat. At time of transplanting, the mycorrhizas are sufficiently established 13, In the case of A. Altefnaria induction in the pathosystem tomato- Alternaria solani.

Even, the same fn indicated ASM had no measurable effect on the early and late blight of potato when applied without the accompaniment of fungicides underfield conditions in the UU. Previous soil analysis of the experimental area indicated an average number of viable young VAM spores of Untreated plants showed low enzyme levels, but not necessarily lower levels of pathogen infection.