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Professor Gu has to adjust to the new world he suddenly finds himself in as he emerged from his Alzheimer’s condition. One of the problems is that Vor politics are almost as convoluted and uninteresting as those in Cyteen. The tech-spec is perfect, but I’m even fonder of the social ramifications. Ruin Me Jessica Sorensen. So a few fianl came up with a brilliant new idea: But that’s still not the worst thing about this book.

I didn’t quite follow the motivation of the main character’s changes of heart during the middle of the book, but by the end it came together reasonably well.

Al Final del Arco Iris : Vernor Vinge :

His flippant insubordination is treated like a funny joke that he can get out of by playing one of his many trump cards at any time. Living with his sons family, he has no choice but to learn how to cope with a new information age in which the virtual and the real are a seamless continuum, layers of reality built on digital views seen by a single person or millions, depending on your choice.

I did like Vinge’s idea of wearable computing even if it is somewhat derivative of Neuromancer. Now everything is online and basic unaugmented reality just does not cut it anymore. A super-villain tries to take out the world The same such conundrum is now true with regards to modern technology.

One moment it is a political drama – the next, a story about a man trying to come back from death’s door and regain the skills xrcoiris relationships he’s lost – then a cyberpunk CGI battle. The political and personal machinations of the characters generally seemed artificial, unbelievable, and unpleasant. Al Final del Arco Iris.


I still hear teachers genuinely state that Wikipedia is not a real source “because it can be edited. The setting is mostly recognizable as an environment that has logically developed from today, the places, the people and some objects are still mostly the same. Any book that successfully shines a new light at a new angle on that old quest must be pretty good.

Utility workers for instance can choose a viewpoint that to their eyes reveals all underground cables and pipes with words floating in the air above these structures conveying valuable information. Those answers took me in new directions and were almost always more valuable than whatever I originally had in mind.

I’m honestly so glad it’s over with. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The most techno-savvy i. In summary, there is no part of this book that makes a lick of sense.

There were only a couple of women, and they seemed to get even less character development than the men. And that’s due to the Acceleration of Change. It all comes to a head when there is a big save-the-library-books riot at the UCSD campus, which the hacker-terrorists have arranged to cover up their nefarious viral activities. And still another story line is about a group of UCSD professors who are trying to prevent the shredding of all the books in the main library on campus.

But hey it won a Hugo, so it must be good. Well, as I wrote, I believe society and values are now changing so fast that governments and even individual arcpiris are unable to adapt. There is an international crisis where some group of people might have access to powerful technology. Is it worth reading? Arcoirsi the episode on the dropping of the atomic bomb, the historian talked vvernor how the rapid introduction of aircraft prevented military leaders from understanding how to properly use them.

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Vernlr thing he said really stuck with me: Robert Gu’s struggle to find meaning in a future he never expected to see and his gradually change of attitude towards other fijal, a kind of “second chance” story, where he can remedy some of his earlier mistakes. Google is still around. And his occasional descents into silliness come at just the wrong frequency and strike just the wrong note.

Al Final Del Arcoiris

You can read why I came to this decision here. This also feels like the kind of SF that’s normative, not just predictive, and I’d be curious to hear industry takes on some of the tech.

I will soldier on through anything, even if the book sits on my windowsill for over a year I’m looking at you Thorstein Veblen, you Norwegian bastard.

So Vinge was an out-of-the-blue read that expanded my re-introduction of the scif When I think of ‘science fiction’, Isaac Asimov comes to mind; perhaps a rather fossilised idea, but because of at least one or two that I had tried to read of Asimov many many years ago, I never delved into scifi much more than that.

Al Final Del Arcoiris by Vinge, Vernor

This review originally appeared on Cheeze Blog. The major drawbacks to this book are a lopsided plot th I loved Gibson’s Neuromancer and I liked Stephenson’s Snow Crashand this is basically the same thing for the current generation except it leans a little more towards the techno-thriller side, like Michael Crichton if he were actually a good writer and knew more about his subject than what he’d just dug up via research. Vernor Vinge, in Rainbows End, takes an optimistic perspective on this, but his essays are more bleak.