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Posted by Cthulhu, Destroyer of Worlds at 9: So what about a man waking up in the future? When Alice at last recuperates and returns home, we get this passage: View all 8 comments.

Rainbows End

He and his fellow re-trainees feel compelled to join protests against the change. But hey it won a Hugo, so it must be good. I found myself, naturally, comparing this book to other pieces of post-apocalyptic literature.

Dec 04, Ami Iida rated it really liked it Shelves: There are some sizeable hunks of the Vor Game during which you can ignore the diplomatic minutia and focus on the adventures and spies and captures and escapes and re-captures and re-escapes. The central character of the novella, a young student at a San Diego high school really a middle schoolJuan Orozco, makes a reappearance in this novel, though as one of several important characters, not the chief protagonist.

This is one of the reasons he is our narrator—he is one of the few who had the desire to learn how to read and write. But could you imagine the response if I proposed allowing students to use their laptops during a test?

Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Vinge portrays this perfectly when he demonstrates how easy it is for Miri and her gang to track Robert when he is in public i. At page I started skimming, wanting to see how the novel ended. Meanwhile, there’s a program in place to send rejuvenated old folks to high school to learn new skills which are supposed to help them re-integrate as productive members of society.


Idea-driven science fiction can be brilliant for example, most Phillip K. So is the University of California at San Diego, where much of the action takes place.

Al Final del Arco Iris

The western states of the U. In terms of motivation and subjectivity, middle schoolers and grandpas are indistinguishable save by name.

PCs, smartphones and anything with a screen are generally obsolete as people are constantly online and information can be accessed by gestures. Beyond Nova Prudence MacLeod. Robert Gu is a recovering Alzheimer’s patient. You could utterly destroy a major enemy city. I gave it fifty pages, and every single one was an effort. He can still understand poetry, but he can no longer write it.

The vvernor is stilted and implausible, and all the voices sound the same. Vernor Vinge continues to delight with well-plotted and offbeat SF.

As a portrait of the niftiness and danger of the future, I suppose it’s reasonably good, though it’s rather slow and didactic compared with the pleasant breathless hurtle of cyberpunk my usual dangerous-nifty-future source.

And so it turns out the book is largely about people trying to discover the significance of their own actions. I’m a fan of Vinge’s vetnor, and I’ve had to wrestle a little with the idea that my dislike for this book might just be the result of it being different from the other things he’s done. The history-turned-mythology of the war is passed on through a sort of confused puppet show put on by traveling actors. Almost everyone is wired, you can carry petabytes in your pocket the sum total of all recorded human sel on the equivalent of a USB drivethe world is globally-connected in ways we still are dreaming about bu Although I did not love this book as much as his Zones of Thought space operas, Vernor Vinge has yet to disappoint me.


I really did try to like it. Alice having a mental breakdown and collapsing while her husband rescues their joint operation, and Miri passing out and leaving Robert to try to defend her from flowing lava.

Then, one day, at the beginning of the book, he wakes up again to find that modern medicine has cured him and given finall a brand-new start on life. The most techno-savvy i.

Those annoying Amazon ads that you might well be looking at right now, vimge you the last product you looked at on their website? Lo mejor del libro la verdad que es el futuro que plantea. The threats now are not so much Great Powers lobbing nukes at each other though that’s still a remote possibility but the fact that the potential for nuclear, chemical, biological, and network terrorism is now also greatly expanded.

Many tears were shed for what literary criticism had suffered under technology. So, like many of the elderly in the latter decade, he goes back to high school. This book is set in England thousands of years after a 20th-century nuclear war destroyed most life on earth.

So that’s what I call the “acceleration of change.

Just talk out loud, as if to him and Juan. Overall, the author seemed to be trying to do too many things with his story. Aug cel, Jenny Reading Envy rated it liked it Shelves: The Mouse and His Child.

Campbell Memorial Award committee had a little more perseverance.