– Tertullianus – Adversus Praxeam. Against Praxeas this file has been downloaded from However, he is himself a liar from the beginning, John and whatever man he instigates in his own way; as, for instance, Praxeas. For he was the first to. It is fortunate, however, for the translator of the Adversus Praxean that his difficulty arises more from individual terms of theological import like substantia, than.

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This same divine thought is called Wisdom Sophia in the Book of Proverbs viii. Now this, to be sure, is an astonishing thing, that the Father can be taken to be the face of the Sonwhen He is His head; for the head of Christ is God.

Hints on the Study of English Economic History. Was it not the Messias which is called Christ? Tertullian’s last argument is perhaps his most powerful a reference to the words of Christ dying on the cross: If as the result sdversus some argument Jesus were to be called also “clothed,” just as Christ gets his name from the mystery of anointing, would you call Jesus ” Son of God ” in the same way, but believe ” clothed ” to be the Father?

Tertullian : Adversus Praxean

God wished to v ‘ 8 make the mystery new in such a manner that He should be believed to be One in a new way through the Son and the Spirit, that He should now come to be known as God face to face in His own special names and persons, who though preached in the past praxeean through the Son and the Spirit, was not understood. Andrews, Provost of King’s College, Cambridge. Hist, cheap editionpp.

Contains 5 works Cult.

Full text of “Tertullian against Praxeas”

Please enter your name. Undoubtedly alone as regards all other powers; and He thus gives a premonitory evidence against the conjectures of the hereticswho maintain that the world was constructed by various angels and powers, who also make the Creator Himself to have been either an angel or some subordinate agent sent to form external things, such as the constituent parts of the world, but who was at the same time ignorant of the divine purpose.


The date of his conversion is equally unknown, but it may be assigned to the period of mature manhood. It is matter for wonder whether the Son’s face can be taken as the Father, who is ” His head. John clete,””who” of course “leads us into all truth,” SVicene ” believe ” indeed ” in one God,” but subject to Creed this arrangement, which we call economy, that to the one God there should also belong a Son, His own Word, who has come forth from Him, John i. But if you be of the number of those who would not then endure l the Lord’s declaring cf.

High will overshadow thee”? The object of this Series is to provide short, cheap, and handy textbooks for students, either working by themselves or in classes.

Sobre el baptisme i altres escrits. Besides, if, from that perfect knowledge which assures us that the title of God and Lord is suitable both to the Fatherand to the Sonand adversuss the Holy Ghostwe were to invoke a plurality of gods and lords, we should quench our torches, and we should become less courageous to endure the martyr’s sufferings, from which an easy escape would everywhere lie open to us, as soon as we swore by a plurality of gods and lords, as sundry heretics do, who hold more gods than One.

These very same Apostles testify that they ” have both cf.

Adversus Praxean liber = : Tertullian’s treatise against Praxeas

Concerning Christ, indeed, I defer what I have to say. He, either in declaring God to be invisible, or in i.

But when Christ came and we learned about Him that He Peaxean who had in the past caused the plural praxea, having been made second to the Father, and one of three if the Spirit be included, being also the Father, who was more fully mani- fested by Him, the name of God and Lord was now reduced to an unity, 1 in order that because c f.

CC SL, 2 E. And this applies especially to the perversity that thinks it possesses the undiluted truth, in holding the view that it must not believe in one God in any other way than by saying that this selfsame God is both Father and Son and Spirit.

From that moment God willed creation to be effected in the Word, Christ being present and ministering unto Him: Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight.


Was it as the Father that they ought to have known Him, or as the Son? In this character was He anciently predicted, in this was He also declared even by Christ Himself; nay, by the very Father also, who openly confesses Him from heaven as His Son, and as His Son advefsus Him. Turner, for the impossible et tint opifice of MSS. Truth aversus not therefore refrain from the use of such a term, and its reality and meaning, because heresy also employs it.

Against Praxeas

How blind, to be sure, is the man who fails to perceive that by the name of Christ some other God is implied, if he ascribes to the Father this name of Christ!

For we are not striving to go through all the passages of Scripture, since by calling in the testimony of the full majesty and authority in individual passages, we find greater praxan for attack in reviewing them.

There is little reason for thinking that Praxeas was a heresiarch, and less for identifying him with Noetus, or one of his disciples. Dixit dominus adverwus meo, Sede ad dexteram meam. Similarly, in proportion, we can suffer for God, thanks to the Divine Spirit which is in us: A much more ancient testimony we have also in Genesis: Details from CTC 99, 5. Now a Father makes a Son, and a Son makes a Father; and they who thus become reciprocally related out of each other to each other cannot in any way by themselves simply become so praxdan to themselves, that the Father can make Himself a Son to Himself, and the Son render Himself a Father to Himself.

This, accordingly, the devils also acknowledge Him to be: Kroymann’s palmary emendation for adnuntiari of MSS. But although I hold, 5 everywhere to one being in three 1 The true Cyprianic reading, as Turner points out, is ueniens, i.