Checklist + Flow-Procedure. Boeing NG .. , , (data in LB, 9 pages). , , (data in KG, 10 pages). Boeing Procedure Checklist. Page 1 of before the Before Start Checklist . 60, kg (K lbs). 70, kg (K lbs). Testrunning -Normal Checklist. EXAMPLE CHECKLIST ONLY! UNCONTROLLED DATA! FOR INFORMATION ONLY! EXTERNAL CHECK. Walk around.

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Schott for his contributions to the community. Small airfields and helipads Krasnoyarsk. Acting in response to enquiries from airlines why operating procedures were different from type to type and also in response to initiatives from regulatory authorities from around the world. Werner is an avid flight simulator enthusiast, and compiled these checklists with the help of his flight instructor friend and other pilots in order to “give something back” to the community.

Saab Checklist Microsoft Flight Simulator To accommodate different transition altitudes around the world, the only approach checklist item is “altimeter”.

Boeing 737 NG Checklist / Flow

From Paris to Vilnius. Corrected a few glitches in the textures to make repainting easier. When comparing the information in the manual with earlier or later versions of the software may be some torye differences in operation. check,ist

The normal procedures are now more consistent across all the Seattle models. This manual describes the operation of the software system version Detailed realistic external model, all moving parts, rolling wheels, realistic fowler flaps movement, realistic landing gear movement, opening passenger door, reflective textures and night lighting, working taxi and landing lights with splash effects, flap vortex effect on approach, 3D gear bays, working suspension, moving pilot head, movable pilot seat armrest and a thoroughly detailed Active Dynamic Virtual Cockpit DVC.


Flight Simulator checkoist Original Aircraft. The FMC can now be programmed after the preliminary preflight procedure. Checklists Old Normal Checklists Cyecklist Set Engine start levers. The areas of responsibility have been redistributed and 377-700 scan flows have been changed accordingly. Note that these items are done, cbecklist and responded to by PM. Completed Rudder and aileron trim.

Alex69z uploaded 3 files. Continental Airlines Boeing The Experience v1. Southwest Airlines Boeing ‘Canyon Blue’. Cessna Checklist Microsoft Flight Simulator This has created a major upheaval for airlines, training departments and pilots, but the belief is that it will be worth the effort.

3+ Checklist [PDF]

FlightDeckMag uploaded 7 files. The intent of the initiatives was to improve safety, especially by reducing runway incursions during ground operations. It’s all handpainted, and the logo is vectored so its pretty crisp.

Also included are checklists and “virtual cockpit only” configuration files. IDLE detent Flight controls. This leads to a more even distribution of pilot workload, streamlined checklists and more flexible procedures to allow for the increased complexity of today’s operational environment.

Freeware, limited distribution Added: A few changes to the actual 2D panel were made and both the 2D panel and the VC now feature zoomable gauges, which should make flying especially in the ‘s VC a lot easier. GGG uploaded 4 files. Items have been re-sequenced to minimise workload at critical times and have retained only those items which are necessary for crew to perform. Husky Checklist Microsoft Flight Simulator Schott has gone to a lot of trouble to create these checklists and Dauntless Software has taken on the expenses and responsibility of hosing them in a manner consistent with Mr.


For more information, consult the Readme.

Serious Flight Sim Pilot? Specific Changes Exterior Inspection The old exterior inspection checklist was organised system by system.

LNAV may be selected. You may not create a CD-ROM that includes these checklists other than for your own personal backup purposes. Freeware by Werner Schott, Switzerland. Gelmut uploaded 38 files. The checklists have been given a “tighter focus” by eliminating several items. Now assumes that electrical power GPU is established, a supplementary procedure is provided in case electrical power is not established. Descent and Approach Procedures The Descent and Approach checklists have been separated to minimise pilot workload during the critical phases of flight.

Information Manual Garmin CS. Updated flight dynamics for Moach’s Experience from the original FD designer.